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Comment: Re:Buy a cheap CRT (Score 1) 367

by roggg (#30128128) Attached to: Making Old Games Look Good On Modern LCDs?
The company I work for had about a dozen 19" and larger they were throwing away. I intervened thinking somebody would want them. When a charity that puts together low end systems for needy children turned me down I gave up. The monitors went to a recycler. CRT monitors are officially not worth what it costs to move them.

Comment: Obvious? (Score 1) 978

by roggg (#30032582) Attached to: Why Doesn't Exercise Lead To Weight Loss?
Let's pounds of weight loss times 3500 cal/pound of fat = an average loss of 24500 calories. Divide by 12 weeks, and 7 days, and we get an average weight loss of about 290 calories per day. Not bad for one light exercise session daily, and still eating all the crap you normally eat if you ask me. I don't see the news in this.

Comment: Re:It's unclear why this is a bad thing (Score 1) 1164

by roggg (#29011455) Attached to: College Credits For Trolling the Web?

Unfortunately a lot of science is dogmatic as well. If I were to claim that I invented a machine that produced more energy than I put in, would I get a fair hearing?

There is a difference between a theory that is rooted in dogma (ID), and a theory that is rooted in science (evolution) but often accepted dogmatically by the masses. And FWIW, Orbo ( got a fair hearing, and failed at every step.

Comment: meh (Score 1) 1077

by roggg (#27406037) Attached to: Shouldn't Every Developer Understand English?

What language is "{" anyway?

I would accept that in order to build a global community of cooperating developers contributing to a collection of related projects, a common language would be pretty much essential. The software world is much more diverse than that. You don't need to be fluent in any particular language to understand the symbols in a programming language, even if they do use the Latin alphabet and resemble English words. Besides, is "vsprintf" really intrinsically any more comprehensible to English speakers than to anyone else?

Comment: Re:Difference of Opinion (Score 2, Insightful) 291

by roggg (#27341149) Attached to: YouTube Music Content Takedown Continued

Either way under the current rules the guy gets money for work he did over 20 years ago. I wish my wages worked like that!

If you'e willing to defer most of your wages, get paid slowly over time instead of for once up front, and only get paid if your work is commercially successful, then I'm sure you and your boss can work something out.

It's not fair to complain about people wanting to be paid under the compensation scheme that they agreed to when they did the work, and especially when it involves deferred and conditional compensation. I wouldn't work under those terms, but if I did, I'd make damn sure I got what was owed to me.

Comment: Re:What a second... (Score 5, Funny) 459

by roggg (#27245571) Attached to: Linux Foundation Asks Who Says "I'm Linux" Best

Mac: "I'm a Mac."

Linux: "I'm a PC. Because you see Linux actually runs on PC hardware, so it's a fallacy to refer to only Windoze machines a PCs.

Mac: "ummm..."

Linux (standing up, and brushing cheeto dust from beard): "In fact, to be pedantic, Mac's are PCs too in the more general sense of the term since PC stands for personal computer, and Mac's are certainly computers designed for personal use. Really we are all PCs. I really hate how M$ has appropriated that term for it's own platforms when the term is equally applicable to linux machines as well..."

Mac: "please...kill me now."

Comment: Re:Misleading Summary (Score 1) 615

by roggg (#27154559) Attached to: UK To Mull High Video Game Taxes — To Fight Knife Crime

The only thing in TFA that actually surprises me is that this father of a murdered boy is referred to as an advisor to the PM on knife crime. How can such a person provide any kind of rational and objective advice on the subject? Do they have felons as advisers championing the opposing view?

This is victim's rights run amok as it generally seems to do. Let's let the aggrieved and the emotionally scarred determine public policy. That should work out well for the most people right?

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