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Comment Re:False positives? (Score 1) 286

Registration is free and there is no email verification (FAQ from AM). So yeah, someone could register you without your knowledge. However, it's the credit card transactions (for male users only?) that's getting people caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Without the CC transactions, there does't seem to be anyway to definitively prove someone was actively using the site.

Comment Re:Ever heard of the FREE MARKET? (Score 1) 83

Undoubtedly, the free market will ultimately decide these things. However, I'd prefer that someone I care about NOT be the collateral damage that helps determine this. Many corporations lack values beyond profits. The idea of regulations and penalties (ignoring how effective it actually is) is to prevent unnecessary injury, death, etc by compelling these companies to behave by imposing monetary fines (the only thing they really understand or care about). Granted, as already posted by others, this fine is probably chump change.

Comment Re:Are drones really THAT dangerous? (Score 1) 368

I think my reasonable expectation is: I'd rather not be the pilot of a helicopter carrying tons of water to be the one that finds out what happens.

"...or you suck it up and figure out a way to keep your personnel safe." - this is what the legislation is providing - a way to keep personal safe by allowing them to remove unnecessary hazards from an already extremely dangerous situation.

It's reasonable to assume "restricted air space" takes on a different meaning in the context of wildfires. The water buckets are sometimes filled from the closest source of water available. I lived in Colorado during a couple of the major fires a few years ago. The helicopters were filling buckets from a reservoir next to a golf course (maybe 1500 yards from the office I was working in) with trails that people run/walk by all the time. It seems like common sense that one should consider this area as restricted air space and stay out of the way.

Comment Re:Impressive (Score 1) 368

I don't think you can necessarily extrapolate a drone flight time of 20 minutes from the details in the article. Of the "15-20 minutes" flights were suspended, I'm sure some of that time was used for communication and visual verification drones were no longer present. There was also nothing stating that all 5 drones were airborne simultaneously.

Comment Re:Where is IF-THEN-ELSE more verbose than that? (Score 1) 158

Me thinks "descubes" has a vested interest in the language being the poster and responding to posts in an inquisitive manner. The quote "Defining if-then-else is literally a couple of lines of code." is silly (as already mentioned). Is there a formal language definition? The documentation for the language seems to be lacking.

Comment Re:How hard is it to recognize a stoplight? (Score 1) 287

The field of computer vision (which this would fall into) is extraordinarily challenging. Just creating an algorithm that can simply *recognize* an object is hard let alone the ability to take that information and make a decision based on it. As a bit of a contrived example, imagine a person was holding a sign on a street corner that looked like a stop light (same colors, shape, size, etc.). As humans, we know it's not a stop light because we know people generally don't hold stop lights, we know a stop light is 3-dimensional, the lights glow, etc. Getting a computer to understand this type of contextual information is not easy.

Comment Re:costs (Score 1) 169

Yeah, never that simple though. Wind/solar on the island obviously requires a lot of space - something there isn't much of. Plus, I think most of it is privately owned. Wind farms out in the ocean (like the ones in the UK) probably aren't an option due to the tourism impact and the desire to keep things "looking like paradise". The islands have various laws that forbid billboards, building aren't allowed to be taller than a palm tree (on Kauai), etc. Not sure that active volcanos are the most stable in terms of building power plants...

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