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Comment: Re:Unclean hands (Score 1) 340 340

For some reason i'm prompted to make a quick legal correction. The doctrine of unclean hands applies to equitable remedies. Most likely the crackers would sue for damages under a copyright act e.g.DMCA. Damages are not an equitable remedy. The doctrine on unclean hands would not apply.

Comment: Re:Catchy advertisements (Score 1) 709 709

> I don't watch real ads, so why should I "Imagine" one? Um, to help you consider one of the potential advantages of extending patents on pop-music? The way a large corporations marketing machine can appropriate such elements of pop-culture, without copyright protections, has wider implications than just a tv add. (I realise you probably didn't want to take this that question seriously, and just wanted to show how 'edgy' you are by not watching free to air tv, but meh)

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