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Comment Re: Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 1) 427

All of these people, all of these different ideas, and every election year we're presented with either side of the same coin. A coin fixated, by design, on emotional matters that ultimately lead nowhere. That's the "shiny thing" spun and dangled with one hand before the electorate while the other gets to work on real policy in a shadow.

It's almost as if we'd be better off if we had more to choose from than "Door #1" or "Door #2."

No kidding. But barring that, about the best we can do is choose which primary we want to be a part of, because more interesting decisions are made there than in the general.

Comment Re:Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 1) 427

> Who's "choices" will be taken away by moderately raising taxes on those in the very top tax brackets?

Run the numbers. That wouldn't make the slightest difference. It's a matter of orders of magnitude.

Comment Re:Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 1) 427

That doesn't necessarily make Rand Paul a socialist. Like his father he has Libertarian leanings, which means he'll agree with socialists on some stuff, and with conservatives on other stuff. (In other words, both parties get to hate him.)

He wants to have america have a "spiritual rebirth" and he's making Bushlike pronouncements from aircraft carriers.

If you want to run as a Republican, they will tell you what you believe. And none of it is libertarian in the least.

Or do libertarians have no principles whatsoever?

I hesitate because on the one hand that's simply quoting the D party line, and on the other hand, it is somewhat true. If you're talking about a Mitch McConnell republican, I absolutely agree with you. But as is a classic Democrat (socially and fiscally liberal), a classic Republican, (socially and fiscally conservative) is half a Libertarian. Finding them is the chore. Trump is absolutely, very definitely, without a doubt, no question about it, ...not one. But neither is Romney. Or McCain.

Comment Re:Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 3, Interesting) 427

You correctly (although somewhat pejoratively) point out the choice a libertarian has to make in every election. I happen to think fiscal conservatism is at the moment more important than social liberalism, (because the fastest, most effective way to take away people's choices is to take away their fiscal discretion) so I'm going with the Republicans for now. Well, some of them. The ones that are actually fiscally conservative. Next election I might re-register and participate in the other primary, depending on the issues.

Comment Re:Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 3, Informative) 427

That doesn't necessarily make Rand Paul a socialist. Like his father he has Libertarian leanings, which means he'll agree with socialists on some stuff, and with conservatives on other stuff. (In other words, both parties get to hate him.)

Comment News at eleven! (Score 1) 130

Stating the obvious is news? Seriously, it's been the case from the very early days that sysadmins have access to confidential information. Used to be we had access to everything. Due to siloing, not so much anymore, but still way more than most people think. (a) People keep sensitive information of various levels of sensitivity on computers. (b) Other people are hired to manage, maintain and repair these computers (a) + (b) = figure it out.

It has been long the case that sysadmins have had access to information that we needed to keep to ourselves. Perhaps three times in my career, I've had managers outside my department request that I break into user's accounts to retrieve information. How you handle such requests tells a lot about your personal integrity.

Of course there are valid reasons to dig into people's stuff -- properly vetted legal investigations, terminated employees and so forth. But when a manager asked me to dig into people's history to see if they were visiting job sites, I politely declined and referred him to my manager. And the guy who wanted to know if his girlfriend was dating someone else. C'mon, you knew what you were getting into when you started an office romance.

Practice erring on the side of privacy, and you build trust in the organization. How could an exec trust you to be in charge of his stuff if you have a history of digging into his employees' stuff?

Comment Re:The funny thing is (Score 1) 91

There was a time, for instance, when any video recording/playback set of features was first used for pr0n, and then gradually migrated to legitimate use.

Are you implying watching pr0n is not legitimate use?

Duly noted. I guess I mean non-pr0n use. There's probably a better word but I can't think of one right now.

Comment Re:Rajiv.. (Score 4, Insightful) 219

> If this is a real story, and your management team actually said that, they're either really, really stupid, or they really think that you can't get a new job on short notice.

I can verify that this happens. Awhile back my manager was replaced by an H1B manager, (true story!) in what might be described as a hostile takeover, and then new manager started replacing locals with H1B contractors, but more open about it -- stated in team meeting that he would concentrate on H1B contractors for all new hires for budgetary reasons -- only pulled from his country of origin, coincidentally. Shortly afterwards, we were all required to document our jobs in minute detail and start providing daily (!) status reports. I started interviewing immediately, but didn't get out in time, got laid off, but since I had started the process ahead of time, was only out of work for a couple weeks. I'd strongly suggest that OP do the same.

Someone else suggested giving incorrect information in the training -- I wouldn't go that far, hm, incomplete might be ok. But my experience, from an outsourcing that I happened to have survived (in a different role), is that, even if you make every good-faith effort to transfer complete knowledge on how to do the job, they'll find a way to screw themselves over. Because to a certain extent, you really do get what you pay for.

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