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Comment: Re:IANACS, so could someone explain? (Score 1) 130

by robow (#38201296) Attached to: Scientists Cryo-Freeze Coral Reef
Not long ago I saw a documentary about the evolution of coral. It discussed how there are only a handful of species and the rest are a hybrid mix of those. They explained how these "true" corals were very resilient and could survive when others died off; then when conditions permitted the other hybrids would return. They also discussed how ocean levels aided in the propagation of the corals, and allowed them to spread.

Comment: Re:Too late :( (Score 3, Interesting) 130

by robow (#38201172) Attached to: Scientists Cryo-Freeze Coral Reef
Here is a cool trick, in the Summer take a hand full of M&M's, dive to the bottom of a pool and take a look. If you have more than about 4 feet of water over you you will not be able to tell the red from the blue. Red wavelengths of light are generally filtered out after a meter or so of water. The deeper you go the more color gets lost.

Comment: Was this warning nesicary for microsoft? (Score 0) 262

by robow (#32264688) Attached to: Microsoft Warns of Windows 7 Graphics Flaw
Before Microsoft issued this warning, how many people had found the flaw, and now that they have told the world about how many people know? Would it have not made more sense for them to silently patch the issue and not tell every person that has access to the internet? Or are they just covering their "six"?

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