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Comment Re:bundle (Score 5, Informative) 212

That is something Minecraft developers could have done years ago. The binary license of the JRE allows it to be bundled with an application for private use of that application.

When redistributing the JRE on Microsoft Windows as a private application runtime (not accessible by other applications) with a custom launcher, the following files are also optional. These are libraries and executables that are used for Java support in Internet Explorer and Mozilla family browsers; these files are not needed in a private JRE redistribution.

from the Java 8 README

Comment Re:Large change with app permissions (Score 4, Informative) 83

Older applications not targeting M, will show permissions at install time and be granted by default, but the user will be able to revoke them, the platform will just give empty data or fail. From the preview documentation

Note: On devices running the M Developer Preview, a user can turn off permissions for any app (including legacy apps) from the app's Settings screen. If a user turns off permissions for a legacy app, the system silently disables the appropriate functionality. When the app attempts to perform an operation that requires that permission, the operation will not necessarily cause an exception. Instead, it might return an empty data set, signal an error, or otherwise exhibit unexpected behavior. For example, if you query a calendar without permission, the method returns an empty data set.

If you are worried that old applications can use the permissions immediately after installation, before you have time to disable the permissions, take into account that applications are installed on a stopped state, there is no programmatic way for it to auto start itself. Start on boot may work but it is not precisely immediately. So I think the best action is to go to those old applications just after install and remove every permission you don't want to grant before starting it.

Comment Re:Resource Hog? (Score 4, Informative) 111

I use Firefox for Android on a daily basis and on a modern phone it runs fine, better that Chrome IMHO. Tried to use Adblock for a few days and it was insufferable. They will need to implement a better way to interact with Firefox code so it doesn't becomes a resource hog with thousands of regular expressions on memory. If they will ship the same extension, I don't see any advantage.

Comment Re:Apple? (Score 1) 417

By your definition, Lenovo ThinkPads, Dell Inspiron, etc, aren't PCs, they are they own line of computers.

Laptop and desktop form factor, check. x86 based, check. Unlocked bootloader, check. Run general purpose OSs like Windows and Linux, check. Mac are PCs too.

I think the x86 architecture is not even needed, it is the form factor and be able to run non Apple OSs that make them PCs too.

Comment Re:That's how today's voice recognition WORKS. (Score 1) 309

True, the PlayStation 4 has voice activated commands too that work without an internet connection. For a fixed set of commands there is no need to send audio or audio signature to a remote server, current hardware is powerful enough to do that. In order to get good voice dictation is better (for now) to send the audio to a remote location with a lot of power and "knowledge" about voice and language patterns. But we aren't talking about dictation, those "smart" TVs recognize a predefined set of commands, not general dictation.

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