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Comment Re:Programming (Score 1) 460

Irrespective of this:

The issue of how much math is needed for various branches of programming, and the issue of learning via Google searches or other means, are independent concerns. There is of course the correlation that anyone with a math background is more likely to be more systematic about learning to program than to do web searches all the time, but again, these are orthogonal issues.

There are actual people who learned programming without a lot of math background way before Goolge or even Altavista or the internet existed. When I started coding at ten, my math must have been inferior to that of most non-programming graduates of today, yet I could learn stuff just by doing and reading.

Having said that, and my coding benefitting from various areas of mathematics now, there is a lot of value in being able to quickly type in a search query that leads to relevant hits, for any type of UI work, where the IE browser incompatibilities are more of a trial and error than logic. Also, a color name to hex lookup via Google is just a superior alternative to the older method, which was, open the index pages of a book, find the page and go there.

Comment Re: Programming (Score 1) 460

> Web coding just requires enough arithmetic to do the layout,

Yes, most layouts are pretty trivial. Also, there are solutions for layout that are a good mathematical programming exercise at the library level, and require some understanding of linear systems: e.g. cassowary. Also, web site transitions, particles, physics engines all involve some level of math.

> and most business programming doesn't even need that

Yeah, most of it is just the four basic operations, but there are an increasing number of more mathematical areas, such as logistics optimization, option pricing or Monte Carlo methods. Even a histogram requires some understanding of math.

Comment Re:Moronic (Score 1) 157

Over-engineering isn't even the right term. It's certainly underdesigned, and as part of it, it was probably under-prototyped and under-tested. Engineering is good, so over-engineering isn't the issue.

Unfortunately Samsung just churns out stuff while other makers (Apple, and some pockets in HTC) design stuff.

Comment Re: the USA is Portugal (Score 1) 87

I don't think it was meant as a placeholder of a 2nd rate country. I think it was meant as a leading country of the World, which Portugal was when the New World was discovered. So it was actually a compliment. So your defensive response was a kind of Woosh and you still don't understand. I agree it's not about Portugal but it doesn't mean you interpreted the root post correctly.

Comment Re: the USA is Portugal (Score 1) 87

I think that despite my and some other responses, you still misunderstand what turkeydance above you probably meant. IMO he clearly referred to Portugal's former glory, because of the temporal reference to the 'race to the New World'. So it's not that anybody 'needs to relax'; it's you who need to understand that there exists another interpretation of what turkeydance wrote, and it'll give you a whole different perspective.

You and those who upvoted you are the ones who 'need to relax', because you interpreted the comparison to Portugal as if it was compared to Romania or something, meaning the US is backwards. But again, I don't think it's the correct interpretation.

Comment Re: Sucks they're dividing efforts between Dart &a (Score 1) 221

A modern computer language should have a unique name. On this basis I predict that Clojure will prevail, and Go and Dart will fade into obscurity. ECMAScript will be fine too, though when I search for Javascript, I always get hits for this weird language called jQuery and Google Search, as it is getting worse and worse, no longer recognizes the dash as an 'exclude' filter.

Comment Re: the USA is Portugal (Score 1) 87

SpaceX is a company, not a country; also, the USA, even with its flagging space ambition and reduced budget, was home country to the Opportunity rover on the Mars, the New Horizon that gave Pluto a selfie, and private space initiatives, of which, of course, SpaceX is most accomplished. Also, a lot of the fundamental or applied research that space exploration benefits from is coming out of the USA.

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