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Comment Re:May you (Score 1) 330

How is it censorship if a person wants to have information about themselves not be in search results?

I didn't mean to imply that wanting something could possibly be censorship. Censorship is something you might do in order to get want: do you rebut the false information (or pollute/dilute the true information) or do you point a gun at someone's face?

And escalating to violence is not always necessarily the dumbest move. Like I said, "loose lips sink ships." But c'mon, own up to censorship label whenever you do it, and understand the sword-beats-pen outlook that you're helping to re-popularize.

But more importantly: think about whether or not a policy of forceful response can work or if it really is expedient. Go through the thought experiments, where someone says something you don't like and you respond by whacking a few moles. (Or in this case, whacking an unrelated mole who is pointing at another mole.) Does this lead to a winning scenario, Ms Streisand?

If swords-over-pens still completely loses, then yes: I do think "suck it up and take it" is a superior strategy, since it's no worse for the person being maligned and has significantly less collateral damage. That doesn't mean it's the only option, but if we're going to pretend that we have only a mere two options, then it's the better of the two.

Comment Re: Why not just forgo paid content? (Score 1) 85

If you don't want a crippled DRM stick? Then accept you are gonna need an HTPC. You can get one of the Chinese ARM boxes but I find they are rather limited on the amount of software you can run on 'em, a better choice IMHO would be to get one of the AMD Socket AM1 chips which is what I've been using at the shop. Crazy low power (average around 8w-12w according to kill-a-watt), GPU powerful enough to do 1080P with no sweat or lagging, and if you don't want to spend $$$ on an OS you can slap on OpenELEC and have a 10 foot UI OOTB.

With something a little more powerful, you could also throw a Plex server on there and stream your own library to a Chromecast while on the road. My home media server runs on a headless A4-3300. One TV is driven by an nVidia ION nettop and another is driven by a Raspberry Pi; both run OpenELEC. The combined setup might use a little more power, but it's definitely more flexible. The server, for instance, uses Greyhole to manage storage across multiple disks with varying levels of redundancy (more for documents and photos, less for movies and TV shows).

Even though your monitor's equipped to handle HDCP-crippled content, your Linux box works just fine with it. Likewise, there are non-DRM content options (including serving up your own media) for gadgets like the Chromecast and Fire Stick.

Comment Re:Oh Great! More Central Planning! Just what we n (Score 4, Insightful) 307

Some things simply cannot be solved by laissez faire capitalism. In fact it creates many problems, which is obvious to anyone willing to open their eyes for two seconds. That does not mean that the solution is the opposite, a totally planned central economy, but a sensible mix of the two. The knee-jerk reactionary repugnance to anything with even the mildest whiff of small-s 'socialism' is seriously damaging. It damages the health and happiness of every person, and now it is seriously damaging the planet. Nothing is black or white, perhaps a little subtlety should be given its chance. People have been sold the right-wing view for so long now they've forgotten what the middle ground even is. Centre-right policies are seen as far left, which is ridiculous.

It's not a mild whiff of "socialism". It's a massive restructuring of our society and economy on shaky grounds. What happens when the next imaginary ecothreat comes through? If we continue to use the same decision-making process as we're doing here, then it's going to be a long stream of poor decisions and a descent either into regional dissolution or even a new dark age, if the whole world should buy in for the duration.

Imaginary threats don't harm us. Real threats do. We're facing the real threat of global warming. Instead of taking an honest look at the science and possible solutions, you look the potential bill and say any solution is impossible. Nevermind if the bill would include the price to get the world off fossil fuels and eliminate our gas payments forever. Nevermind if the bill would remove the motivation behind wars for oil and the trillions we've spent for those. Nevermind if the bill would clean up our air and eliminate smog and cut our medical payments for lung conditions. So, we live with your shortsightedness in a worse world where we constantly pay for gas with our money and lives.

Comment Re:Oh Great! More Central Planning! Just what we n (Score 1) 307

I think capitalism could solve it, it's just that by the time AGW began kicking the living shit out of the economy and causing widespread ecological damage, much of it would be irreversible.

But guys like the Koch's want it that way. They'll walk away with vast amounts of money and insulate themselves from the woes being suffered by everyone else.

Hell, the Kochs don't need to spend any money to insulate themselves. At their age, they'll be dead before the worst negative effects are felt.

Comment Re:One time pad (Score 1) 113

While I have a basic understanding about one-time pads and how they work, I realize that there must be something wrong with this idea but I don't know enough to figure out what.

There are vast amounts of publicly available documents on the Internet. Why can't Alice and Bob agree that they will use the text of the first article posted on Slashdot after noon Central Standard Time each day that they have a message to send as their one time pad?

That isn't a One-Time Pad. In OTP the pad is secret; in the scenario you just described, the content of the "pad" is public. The encryption key is thus not the pad itself, but rather just the identification of the pad ("1st article on Slashdot after noon CST"). Putting aside the fact that an article has relatively low entropy per character, someone with access to just one cyphertext could conceivably test it against a large database of likely public documents and identify the pad simply by looking for a document which decrypts the cyphertext into something intelligible. Given a couple of cyphertexts they could derive the rule you use to select your "pads". In a true OTP setup there is no way to determine whether a given pad decrypts the cyphertext since every possible plaintext has an equally plausible random pad, and even knowing both cyphertext and plaintext for the same message gets you no closer to being able to decode future messages.

Comment Re:no electric car likely, but maybe a motorcycle (Score 2) 279

If he won't fit in tesla, there are very few cars (not SUVs) he actually will fit easily into. I'm only 6' - 200# and most sedans are fairly cramped. SUVs, otoh, are generally roomy.

What kind of weird bodily proportions do you have that you can't fit into most cars? I could understand if you were 7' tall or something like that, but I'm 6'0" and a bit further past 200 lbs. than I'd like. :-P My daily driver up until about a year ago was an Oldsmobile Alero, which was their smallest model. I had no trouble at all with interior space, getting in/out, etc. Some subcompacts and compacts I've rented over the years have been a little bit cramped, but pretty much anything midsize or larger is comfy enough (took the Alero from Las Vegas to Denver in one day, and back in one day a few days later...that's about 12 hours behind the wheel each way).

Comment Re:CPU not compatible (Score 1) 183

I rand into this issue with windows 8.1 and my Q8400 on an Intel DP35DP motherboard

I had one of those motherboards a few years back...bought it with a Core 2 Quad Q6600, which I think would've been sometime in 2008. After maybe a couple of years or so, the motherboard started acting iffy. I kept the processor, but replaced the motherboard. It's been running on a Gigabyte EP43-UD3L ever since. It currently dual-boots Gentoo Linux and Windows 7 from an SSD, and I threw an old hard drive in it recently to try out Windows 10. It runs like a champ...probably about the same speed as Windows 7, when I had it on a hard drive. I'll most likely nuke Windows 7 off of the SSD and move Windows 10 into its place.

tl;dr: Your problem with Windows 10 most likely isn't with your processor. Try upgrading the motherboard's BIOS. If that doesn't fix it, you're most likely looking at replacing the motherboard. You can probably find something cheap on eBay that'll work. The EP43-UD3L seems decent enough; I've even had Mac OS X running on mine at one time (at least up through Snow Leopard).

Submission + - Job insecurity is the new normal->

Mr.Intel writes: Last year, Hewlett-Packard eliminated 34,000 jobs, and JC Penney and Sprint announced cuts, while JP Morgan Chase has cut 20,000 from its workforce since 2011. In double-earner families, at least one parent reports feeling "insecure" about their job, and in almost half of those both think their job is insecure.

This dynamic creates a constant tension for workers, who are beset by uncertainty. It has bred what Pugh calls the "one-way honor system," in which workers are beholden to employers, but employers are not, says Pugh, author of "The Tumbleweed Society: Working and Caring in an Age of Insecurity," out earlier this year.

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Comment Re:French cowards (Score 1) 330

That's why, when I (soon!) become a genocidal conqueror, I will be asking people for their voting records before I line them up against the wall.

Curses! WTF is this "secret ballot" my advisors are bringing up? *sigh* There goes my invasion plan. (If I can't have the executions, then I don't see why to bother.)

Comment Re:May you (Score 3, Insightful) 330

And let's also hope that nobody ever actually commits rape and gets caught and convicted.

Censorship is always a two-edged sword. I have never heard of any form of censorship where you couldn't rightly cite some examples where it's a good idea, but freedom-lovers can play the examples game too.

Loose lips sink ships, but the king is taxing us unfairly. Which side are you on?

Comment Re: What about "legitimate" use? (Score 1) 155

he's right, when i take a little adderall it makes me sleepy, i can zone out and have symptoms like im sedated, i take what i feel is my dose i become focused and productive and organzied, if i take too much then i get like super add or how normal people behave with a little dose of adderall

Comment Re:WHY property? (Score 1) 1180

What is this american obsession with property.
Privacy is someting you can expect, regardless of property. It in fact has nothing to do with property.
Privacy is something you can excpect even in a public place.
Even at the beach. Someone talking a picture of you without permission can not publish that.
Whether you own thy beach or not.

Are you sure about that? We have a local news segment here in silicon valley on channel 4 (nbc?) called people behaving badly, and because he films people in public spaces, he does NOT need you to sign a waiver to use your image on TV, the guy who does the segment held a little ama on the news channel on the weekend where he discussed in length how public pictures are not prohibited by privacy laws.

this included places like crosswalks, front yards, side of the freeway, people in their cars, etc.. i haven't seen any open air place yet that he has had to blur images of people.

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