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Comment: Re:Different markets... (Score 1) 458

by robbyb20 (#48950575) Attached to: How, and Why, Apple Overtook Microsoft

I actually completely agree with everything you wrote. I work in a win7 environment so I understand about having something that works all the time. I gave OS X a try and it didnt fit into my work routine.

I run a couple systems on Debian and while I love the stability, it just doesn't give me the desktop alternative id like.

Either way, I asked a question and got some good responses from it

Comment: Re:Adobe (Score 1) 225

by robbyb20 (#48931281) Attached to: YouTube Ditches Flash For HTML5 Video By Default

Im sorry but you are incredibly misinformed about normal usage of CC. When i create a file in CC, everything is done locally on my machine. Could you image having to upload 25meg raw files to "the cloud" each time i open on and from there, opening up 300mb-1gb .psd each time? Did Adobe just give ever user unlimited storage? No body that uses these products on a professional level saves their work to the cloud. That said, the argument about losing files saved the cloud can apply to every single cloud service on the market. Btw, did you see my test i posted? I opened a CC file just fine on another computer running cs5. Also, did you know that that even tho it says Creative Cloud, its still a locally installed app?

For record, I have 3tb of photos at home. I am a photographer. I work in this product daily, do you as well?

Comment: Re:Adobe (Score 1) 225

by robbyb20 (#48930039) Attached to: YouTube Ditches Flash For HTML5 Video By Default

Lest think about this for a moment.

New features are added that aren't supported in older versions. Does this only affect Adobe products? What about products from AutoCAD? Do you think Revit 2006 can do everything Revit 2014 can?

Yes, older products don't gain the functionality of the newer ones, that's why they come out with new product. What was originally said was CC created files wouldn't open in non-CC versions. Having features not available in older products should be expected. I'm not seeing the issue being raised.

Comment: Re:Adobe (Score 1) 225

by robbyb20 (#48919395) Attached to: YouTube Ditches Flash For HTML5 Video By Default

If Adobe fails to exist, whos stopping them from obtaining an older version thats not cloud based. A .psd is the same, no matter what version you open it with. Also, most people dont save their regular pictures in .psd unless edited and even then, the only real benefit is to retain layers. They are saved in jpeg or the corresponding raw format for their camera which is readable by other programs other than photoshop and lightroom.

Comment: Re:Extradition? (Score 1) 299

by robbyb20 (#48820401) Attached to: Uber Suspends Australian Transport Inspector Accounts To Block Stings

Dont forget taxi drivers do this as well. This is not Ubers fault, but im glad its easier to track them down since you have all of their information in electronic form. You know why? Because who remembers the taxi number of the cab you just got out of, especially if youre drunk.


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