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Ha, I thought it was all highs and lows and no mid range, must be bose. Then again, they don't hit those either very well. I had 2 acoustimass 3s for about 10 years, then started to replace with bowers and wilkins and was amazed at what I wasn't hearing with the other speakers. Totally different soundscape now.

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by robbyb20 (#48137277) Attached to: Netflix To Charge More For 4K Video

Yes, because it's an additional servic with more offerings. You make it sound like netflix pays for some shitty internet connect and won't pony up the cash for a bigger pipe. If they are paying for the appropriate bandwidth, then this problem is on the ISP(comcast/verizon) and since I am paying for a certain level of service, I shouldn't have a problem watching netflix.

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by robbyb20 (#47897675) Attached to: Windows Tax Shot Down In Italy

So why is Microsoft's fault that oems see that consumers want windows and pre-install it? Oems don't want to ship a computer to stores that don't work out of the box. Maybe the answer you're looking for isn't to blame msoft but the market and why someone hasn't stepped in to provide a linux alternative in stores.

No one, I repeat, no one wants to buy a computer that doesn't work out of box. You have 3 choices. Overpriced macs, same hard as mac windows machines for hundreds less, building the computer yourself for almost the same price as the windows machines and still needing to purchase or install an os.

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by robbyb20 (#47896591) Attached to: Windows Tax Shot Down In Italy

So after reading up on the monopoly history of Microsoft regarding windows, I find a couple things contradictory.

1 - Microsoft was accused of anti-trust practices for undercutting other OS bundled with other software(Norton/DVD burning software/etc) to lower price. Side note, it's PC manufactures that decide this part, not Microsoft.
2 - Microsoft was then accused of bundling their software(media player/ie) as not giving competition a shot at market share.

1 - Macs bundle their software(quick time/safari/etc) with their computers for an insanely high price and they are treated as a well oiled user experience.
2 - linux has free software that is usually not full featured and may perform certain functions very well.

So what's happening here is since Microsoft has a large foot print, they get beat when trying to lower price with bundled 3rd party apps, then gets beat because it comes with a full user experience, and now STILL gets beat because it's still considered a monopoly by internet people 10 years after the last judgement was handed down.

Now, about the Microsoft tax. Why can't pc manufactures sell pcs with an os on it? Those who don't want a pc with an os have lots of options available. Those who are want to buy a pc that they can start using right off the bat can buy either an expensive mac or a cheap windows machine. So now people want to piss on Microsoft again and say they don't want the os?! Wtf are they going to buy from pc manufactures that want to offer a full product? It's already been mentioned that some companies have tried the linux route and failed, what other option do they have?

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Ha, i dont konw what taxis you get into but the ones in chicago are usually in pretty bad shape. Brakes sound like they need to be changed, AC RARELY works and most times the smell is nauseating.

I have had some bad Uber-x cars as well but since they are owned by one person, they usually are able to take better care of it beyond what the Taxis that run 24/7 with different drivers are able to do.

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The argument over rape/killer always gets me. When ever you get into an uber car, it automatically sends you the driver info to your email account and registers it with uber.

When ever I get into a taxi, I have to take the name and number down, then email or text it to a friend to make sure they dont do the same.

Did you know most people dont do that? How many times have you gotten into a cab and not remembered who the driver was? Or the Taxi number for that? Wouldnt it be nice if there was a system that automatically logged it all? I wonder which one does that, the "regulated" taxi or the "unregulated" uber.

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