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+ - Send a Valentine's Day card to your system admin?->

Submitted by JerseyTom
JerseyTom (16722) writes "Sure, there's plenty of jokes about the "office IT guy" that everyone hates, but the truth is that the majority of us are respected and appreciated. The organizers of a system administrators conference in New Jersey are encouraging people to send a Valentine's Day card to their system administrator. Time to show your SA some love?"
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Comment: Atari 2600 / Leaderboards / (Score 1) 282

by robbway (#27476789) Attached to: Strange Glitches In Games

Space Invaders
A very popular glitch was to hold the reset button while turning the Atari 2600 console with Space Invaders in it. It gave your single-player tank a double-shot. I'm no longer convinced it was unintentional.

Mountain King (originally by Imagic)
There was an accidental "super jump" in the game. If you timed a jump just right, by releasing the stick for a split-second and then hit "up" again, the man would make a half-jump followed by a jump that would fly up into the air until it hit something. This caused the game to move into ROM and RAM addresses creating a "sky world" to explore.

On Leaderboards in general, "rollover glitches abound." Mario Kart on the Wii had rollover glitches to the timer, making them patch the game and reset the leaderboards. I noticed the more recent "Cuboid" on PSN has the same problem! Both the number of moves and the timer rollover to zero making it possible that somebody willing to make 1000 moves and wait 99:99 minutes (or whatever the maxes are) to get the top leaderboard position.

The Courts

+ - Ohio University finds key to getting RIAA to stop 7

Submitted by
NewYorkCountryLawyer writes "Ohio University, in Athens, Ohio, has found the key to getting the RIAA to stop inundating it and its students with "settlement" letters. According to the university's student online publication, the university paid $60,000, plus $16,000 per year "maintenance", to Audible Magic, the business partner of the RIAA's all-purpose expert witness Dr. Doug Jacobson, for its "CopySense" filtering software. Once it made the payments, the letters stopped. This of course raises a lot of questions as to the 'disinterestedness' of Dr. Jacobson, whose deposition in the UMG v. Lindor case was the subject of interesting Slashdot commentary."

+ - Clearing an asteroid's sullied name-> 1

Submitted by mlimber
mlimber (1149251) writes "A 'Newsweek' science blog discusses the acquittal of the asteroid that is accused of killing the dinosaurs: 'This idea, first proposed in 1980 and widely adopted a decade later, has entered the public consciousness like few others in science. Too bad it doesn't have nearly the credibility among geoscientists as it does in local sandboxes and Hollywood: evidence keeps emerging that the asteroid was framed.

'Instead, a series of titanic volcanic eruptions in India may have wiped out T. rex and his friends (and prey). That idea has been around for a while, but today paleontologist Gerta Keller, who has long been dubious about the asteroid theory, will unveil the strongest evidence yet that scientists convicted the wrong perp. In a study presented at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America in Denver, she will announce that the volcanic eruptions that created the enormous Deccan Traps lava beds in India peaked at just the right time to explain the dinos' demise.'"

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Comment: Re:mine's bigger. (Score 1) 96

by robbway (#16311647) Attached to: Raising Your Gamerscore By PowerLeveling
I care about my gamerscore, but only because all of those achievements were my own. It's very useful when comparing your score on an individual game. I only have one 1000 commercial game, King Kong, because beating the game once scores all 1000. Anyway, higher gamerscore while not actually earning them will totally skew your True Skill rating. It's not an advantage at all.

Meanwhile, the ever-increasing amount of games is making the score useless as a metric. It doesn't really have much value anymore.

Journal: Warning to Tor users.

Journal by vees

A few months ago I ran a Tor relay node with no exits for anonymized web traffic. Apparently as a result of being on the Tor directory listing, Slashdot admins decided to ban my home IP from being able to login. Because my cookie has been valid since then, I didn't notice until a few weeks ago when it got wiped. I'm now banned from my primary IP address, so when my cookie expires I am no longer able to login.

User Journal

Journal: Trolling the Troll

Journal by robbway

Scientists claim that women are more of "right-brain" thinkers. That's the imaginative and holistic side of the brain

You misspelled readers of fad psychology colums in cosmo. And get with the times, it's the men who are portrayed as the irrational romantics now, which would make them the "right-brainers".

Comment: Not all of their advertised rates actually connect (Score 1) 152

by vees (#10168964) Attached to: Skype VoIP Software & Service Reviewed
I bought ten euros worth of credit with them to call Costa Rica from the USA, only to find out that all my calls are failing. I'd be more specific about what was happening except that's all the error message says: "Call failed" before the window disappears. I called tech support and they gave me some line about the dynamic nature of the Internet and the unreliability of overseas phone networks. I'm not sure exactly what to do with my ten euros of credit now.

Journal: Down-votes like this make no sense

Journal by robbway

Once again, I put in a comment that applied directly to the story without being redundant. I left it at the modest "2" and it adds interest to the story. Yet, someone who obviously didn't RTFA or didn't read my comment completely modded me down. This is why I turned off moderator points for myself.

Journal: Peer Moderation is Sometimes REALLY WRONG

Journal by robbway

My Comment was incredibly unfairly moderated down. It just goes to show you that some peer moderation is completely worthless. I got a -1 for "Redundant," even though it neither copied the article nor copied anyone else. It couldn't be redundant, it's the first non-trivial post! As for the -1 Troll, I'm not sure how that happened, either, because I made and extremely valid point that the article was just plain wrong.

I never cheated an honest man, only rascals. They wanted something for nothing. I gave them nothing for something. -- Joseph "Yellow Kid" Weil