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Comment: Isn't this classic anti-trust fodder (Score 2) 211

by robbiedo (#47116877) Attached to: Amazon Confirms Hachette Spat Is To "Get a Better Deal"
E-books are not books. They are not retail sales of merchandise. An e-book purchase is only a license. Amazon is using monopolistic behavior in e-book licensing to control pricing from publishers to extract monopolistic profits, to secure market share, and to reduce competition where Amazon is able to dictate access to customers who they control through their locked ecosystem. Amazon's ultimate goal is to bypass the publishers altogether, and control the licensing of books from authorship to consumer.

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The problem is that the Federal Government over classifies jobs and information. There are lots of people with secret clearance who are not guarding state secrets, but what private companies would simply classify as confidential information. This creates an overly hostile, paranoid work environment where there is a tendency for the security personnel to abuse their power to create fear as an end unto itself.

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