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Comment: Re:BS junk science (Score 1) 378

by robbadler (#46280859) Attached to: Darker Arctic Boosting Global Warming

Right now the arctic ocean and Hudson Bay are 100% frozen due to this thing we call winter. Summer it is a different story.

Second the world is getting cooler or stagnate in warming in recent years due to solar lull and dining as evident in the lack of solar flares. Last time this happened we had the mini ice age from 1400 - 1850. There is no scientific basis of global warming causing the polar vortex.

<citation needed>

Comment: Re:Commerce maximalists? (Score 5, Informative) 332

by robbadler (#38908299) Attached to: FDA Regulating Your Stem Cells As Interstate Commerce
I think you misread the article. Biohazardous material will not be crossing state lines, medical equipment will. This is an attempt to stop the use of that equipment on the grounds that it at one point crossed a state line. So did my jeans. Can they use Interstate Commerce to keep me from going to work?

3D Web Browser Draws Lukewarm Review 218

Posted by timothy
from the how-your-browser-views-a-sphere dept.
GreyGoo writes "The media release claims 'Internet surfers will be able to walk through their favourite websites as if they are characters in a computer game with the launch of the world's first 3D browser in Australia today.' However a review from someone who has actually tested the software raises important questions about the worth of the product considering the competing social and 3D products, and that sites have to be hand-crafted in order to truly support the new browser." A browser tied to a social networking scheme seems like a recipe for supreme annoyance.

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