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Comment: Peer-to-peer protcols as a solution to demand (Score 4, Interesting) 256

by rob101 (#28508809) Attached to: Google Mistook Jackson Searches For Net Attack
If we take a step back and see what Sept. 11 did to CNN and now The Times website, we can see that the internet can suffer from its own major over-subscription of users to servers/services. Particularly in times of significant current events when almost every connencted user demands information from authoritative sources.

And I'm sure the audience here is no stranger to the Slashdot/Schumaker-Levey effect?

There needs to be a blend between the ability of peer to peer protocols (bittorrent?) to service and distribute massive amounts of content and HTTP. Such technology would permit the audience (or data sinks) to service itself in times of major crisis and permit the important information to reach people.

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