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Comment Re:Power (Score 1) 53

"I think cell-tower positioning would generally be good enough. If you have thousands of users then the positioning errors will tend to cancel each other out. You probably don't need to update the position very often either, since most people spend most of their time not moving very fast or very far."

Seems like the place to put the accelerometer is on the cell tower. Power wouldn't be a problem on the tower. Plus, wouldn't putting it in my cellphone generate a slew of false alarms whenever I jog up the stairs to my office, run across the street, or any number of everyday activities that would cause my cellphone to get jostled?

Comment An idea from Brazil comes to real life. (Score 1) 409

You can't play in our garden if you allow some Archibald Tuttle-like character mess around with the inside of our products. Even if he does fix for less what we will fix for much more.

I am so sick and tired of this "no user serviceable parts inside" attitude of companies nowadays. Especially when they take it to the "no technically-capable person serviceable parts inside" level and deliberately break something which, once you've paid for it, is not theirs to be breaking.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 301

``With JPEG you get horrible colour blocks and banding artefacts. It ruins most pictures.''

Maybe... but only if you choose the lower quality image settings on your digital camera. Do you really do that? I know of nobody who does that. Nobody. If you were worried about "artifacts" you'd be selecting the highest quality image settings on the camera. Or, even better, you be shooting RAW images.

Comment Benefits the non-mobile web as well (Score 1) 95

I strongly suspect that the majority -- maybe the vast majority -- of the data that is being retrieved by my web browser is not related to viewable content at all but is devoted to snazzy menu functions and, well, crap that I might not even choose to view. It like having the entire set of encyclopedias delivered to your door when you want to look up one simple thing. (Yeah... I remember encyclopedias.)

I would welcome eliminating the glitz and dancing bologna that litters most web pages today.

Comment Re:The question is (Score 1) 569

``The only difference is that if the US company get's in too much trouble, the company just heads to bankruptcy court and reorganizes.''

Bring back the corporate death penalty. If memory serves, no state has used that option since the '50s. Used to be that corporations were were required to act in the public interest in return for their being allowed to form in the first place. Nowadays, when you listen to some people, their only obligation (widely parroted by the major media outlets) is to make money for the shareholders. I say it's time -- heck, way past time -- to bring back the requirement that corporations be accountable to the public that granted their charter. Can't live up to that as a corporation? Goodbye charter.

(Corporate apologist? Go ahead and flame away. I'm outta here.)

Comment Re:A mistake versus a fraud (Score 1) 569

``The cover up that (maybe) happened later might be worthy of charges depending on whether it was deliberate or not.''

How does one ``accidently'' engage in a cover up?

I seem to recall that GM was/is in hot water because there was some internal communication that pointed out the cause of the problem but that management chose to `downplay' (nice way of saying `cover up') the problem. Recalls cost money, ya know.

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