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Comment: Re:CareerBuilder AND Monster are Job Spammers (Score 1) 226

by rnturn (#49603443) Attached to: Want 30 Job Offers a Month? It's Not As Great As You Think


You forgot the people who actually drive trains. An old friend of mine is that kind of engineer.

The argument over who should be called an "engineer" has been going on since the '70s. At least. It's only gotten worse over those 40+ years. Lately, it seems to be the job-title-enhancer of choice by employers who aren't willing to offer a higher salary. "Maybe they'll like a fancier title... We'll call them an engineer."

Comment: Re:You Got H1b !!! (Score 1) 226

by rnturn (#49600527) Attached to: Want 30 Job Offers a Month? It's Not As Great As You Think

``I hadn't asked, we hadn't discussed the particulars of the job/my skills etc.''

The classic is when the recruiter calls about a [generic job title] position and the first thing out of the recruiter's mouth is "How much are making?" before even telling you what the job's requirements are.

Comment: Re:Every Damn Day (Score 1) 226

by rnturn (#49600481) Attached to: Want 30 Job Offers a Month? It's Not As Great As You Think
I wouldn't go as far as setting up some sort of auto-responder. But I do have a canned letter that I started using to cut-n-paste into a reply to emails that were for positions outside my desired geographic location. Essentially, it read "Thank you for contacting me about the [fill-in-the-position-name] position. While my background appears to be a good fit for this position, I am not currently considering positions outside the [current city] vicinity." Some of the replies generate a nice "Thank you. I'll keep your information on file..." response. Others are ignored and they continue to send me emails about "long term" 3 month contracts (not even C2H) for jobs that I'm barely qualified for that are halfway across the country.

Comment: I've only skimmed the article so far... (Score 1) 226

by rnturn (#49600441) Attached to: Want 30 Job Offers a Month? It's Not As Great As You Think

...but it seems the author isn't really talking about receiving 30 job offers. I can easily imagine receiving 30 calls about job openings a month. I've gotten as many as ten calls -- not emails, calls -- in one day. Granted, several of those wind up being for the same job but those calls are not offers. They're not even a guarantee that you'll be selected for a phone screen let alone a face-to-face interview.

Comment: Re:Every Damn Day (Score 1) 226

by rnturn (#49600389) Attached to: Want 30 Job Offers a Month? It's Not As Great As You Think

I started receiving office management job ads partly, I assume, because my resume contained "administrator" and "manager". The laugh-out-loud ad was for an administrative assistant. For some reason I'd also started receiving near-daily ads for legal jobs, utility jobs (I used to know the lyrics to "Wichita Lineman" but I doubt that experience counts), and transit jobs (bus driver and cabbie jobs). Idjits.

It wouldn't surprise me to, one day, receive an email for an urgent job for which my experience with "the" makes me the ideal candidate. Oh, and it'll be halfway across the state to boot. Five hour commute each way? I've actually had a few recruiters wonder why I thought that might be a bit of a problem.

Comment: Re:This, if true, will utterly destroy (Score 1) 279

by rnturn (#49464621) Attached to: Researchers Developing An Algorithm That Can Detect Internet Trolls

``How often do you see a photographer holding their dedicated-to-photography camera vertically?''

All the time if they're at, say, a sporting even and they know anything at all about composition. I've been doing sports photography since the '70s and have taken many tens of thousands of photos and the vast majority of my work is in the vertical format -- I specialize in track and field and other running events but I do hit the occasional high school foot/basket/baseball game. Yes... you can crop on the computer but, IMNSHO, it's a waste of pixels.

Comment: Re:Disturbing this is even being openly discussed (Score 3, Interesting) 212

``Romans knew to let there be games, to keep the masses busy from free thinking.''

Yep. We have our reality TV, March Madness, the Super Bowl, the World Series (heck, professional sports in general), lotteries, celebrity worship, and so on and so on. There are already plenty of distractions to keep the American public from concentrating on, or even learning about, how their freedom has been taken away from them.

Comment: Re:The internet is not a broadcast medium. (Score 2) 489

by rnturn (#49440451) Attached to: Reason: How To Break the Internet (in a Bad Way)

There are people/companies that are trying as hard as they can to turn it into something similar to broadcast media or, even worse, cable. It's something they understand. IMHO, it's similar to the way the Web changed once magazine designers started dictating what constituted good web page design -- squinty/headache-inducing text that can't be enlarged, horrible color schemes (including my newest least favorite: gray text on white background.). It wasn't ways pretty for the web user but it's something the designers understood.

The red flag for me about this article is that it's on Reason's web site. That alone is enough for me to back up a dump truck with a giant grain of salt.

Comment: Re:Lower taxes (Score 4, Insightful) 312

by rnturn (#49430023) Attached to: Google, Apple and Microsoft Squirm As Global Tax Schemes Scrutinized

``You can call it "to the bottom" if you think you somehow benefit from high taxes.''

I, personally, rather enjoy having things like running water, roads that can actually be driven on, bridges that don't fall down, food that's been inspected, and some other things that government provides. How are those things provided if we set up corporate-friendly tax regimes that wind up starving government? The private sector? Puhleez...

Aren't you glad you're not getting all the government you pay for now?