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Comment: Re:And the Mac Pro is now lagging again. (Score 1) 173

by rjr3 (#46542003) Attached to: Intel Announced 8-Core CPUs And Iris Pro Graphics for Desktop Chips

I am typing this on a 2013 Retina 2.7 w/16Gb.
I did not entirely buy it for the more or less 3% price difference with an HP/Dell.
I bought it because of everything else it does better and being more integrated than a Windows 7 / Windows 8.x laptop and the 5 to 7 hour battery life.
Your belief that a Pro is too expensive is not accurate when you compare the 512Gb SSD, 16Gb ram, 802.11 ac, 2 * 10Gb Thunderbolt ports to any other ( who else makes a comparable device ? ) vendors platforms.
I am a network engineer with multiple 10G network core and edge environments, please tell me who else makes a laptop that I can attach 2 10Gb adapters and do data capture at wire speed ?
      And I want 2K+ graphics on my desktop monitor while at the same time having retina level quality on my laptop.
any one ?
No, I couldn't find one either. Pseudo comparable HP Z series laptops have spinning disk, 4 Gb ram, single 1Gb NIC and run $2800. Adding Retina level display to an HP costs $600 and a 512Gb SSD is not even an option - the largest HP SSD is 256Gb.

Formula F1 cars may be expensive, but for the people who know how to use them correctly - they are worth every penny.

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by rjr3 (#45288651) Attached to: The Case Against Gmail

It is a web mail client. I know that.

And the things on my feet are called "shoes". I can't cut bread with them and I should know better than to try.
I want a web mail client. I want it on my phone, my laptop, my ipad, my desktop, my powerbook, my .. .whatever ...
And no, I don't want outlook - I use that at work and its "just" a smart imap-like tool with integrated IM.

Comment: Re:If I were in Iowa... (Score 1) 444

by rjr3 (#45198827) Attached to: Scientists Say Climate Change Is Damaging Iowa Agriculture

the production of ethanol from corn requires less - and it is shrinking all the time - water than the production of gasoline from oil.
I live near the ogalalla aquifer so I share some of your concerns but from an overall water requirements standpoint, ethanol is not the boogeyman. Perhaps shipping the corn to a sea area and using desalinated water might be a better approach.

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by rjr3 (#45032645) Attached to: SSHDs Debut On the Desktop With Mixed Results

So you would divvy up your system into a
64Gb SSD C: and a
1Tb 7200 D:

blazing fast c drive, equivalent suck d drive
I would spend the same and get twice the capacity of a solution that on average twice or more faster.
FOR EVERYTHING not just the c drive.
My photos are faster, my vmdk are faster, my compiles are faster, ... everything.

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