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Comment Re:Idiot (Score 1) 489

Haha, a military worth $600 billion a year runs about building schools and roads. Have you thought through this? Some other people may be better suited for this job, no? Maybe American citizens would like that money to go to their own cities instead?

Comment Re:As a Canadian (Score 0) 318

Heh. Also, and

Do you really believe no morals exist and all cultures and customs are of equal value? Honor killings, suicide bombings, child marriages etc are fine with you just because its someone's "custom"? Sorry, that's not for me.

Comment Re:As a Canadian (Score 0, Troll) 318

Yeah, it was a lame publicity stunt, designed to get on the newspapers, and give the finger to the europeans.

No need to invoke my moral standards or lack thereof, to see that was what it was meant for. That she felt the need to do it and chose to use raw seal hearts as a prop says a lot about her character. In a different era, she'd have fit right in a circus freak show I guess, you know, the ones with weird animals on display for our amusement?

"Physically incapable... " of eating anything else? Haha, and also all those scientists in the antarctic also have to airlift in tons of raw seal hearts I guess? Wait, no, its raw penguin hearts for those guys... And how do people ever manage to live on ships and submarines? Six months at a time without access to raw seal hearts must leave them feeling ravenous at the end of a tour of duty. Or do they just hunt a lot of seals beforehand and store the meat? No that wouldn't be it, in your world, I guess all the food technology humans invented for distribution and storage isn't actually used by anyone (except vegetarians...). Very puzzling!

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