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Comment: Re:Buying boxes (Score 2, Informative) 181

by rizzo320 (#30516938) Attached to: DirecTV Sued By Washington State
Broadband Reports has frequent posts about this very scenario. From what I've read, many times after system upgrades Comcast will leave many channels un-encrypted for testing purposes for months at a time, so you're receiving many Clear-QAM (unencrypted digital cable) that may not necessarily be there permanently. Often, these channels will move around and require a re-scan, disappear, be replaced with other channels, etc. The number of channels that are un-encrypted may vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. In the end, Comcast is only required to send local over-the-air channels unencrypted to your TV set. Otherwise, Comcast isn't responsible for other channels they may be inadvertently leaving "open" for people to see. Always check to see what the official listings are for your area, and those are the channels you will receive without the inconsistencies you mentioned in your post.

Comment: Repeat After Me.. (Score 1) 276

by rizzo320 (#29346385) Attached to: A Different Perspective On Snow Leopard's Exchange Support
Repeat after me...

Apple is not using ActiveSync in Snow Leopard.

Exchange support in Snow Leopard uses EWS to connect to the Exchange Server.

EWS (Exchange Web Services) is not WebDAV!

The number of misconceptions perpetrated on this thread make me wonder how many people have actually looked at either Exchange Server 2007/2010 or Mail.app in Snow Leopard.

That is all.

Comment: Re:Confusion (Score 1) 334

by rizzo320 (#26734013) Attached to: US Digital TV Switchover Delayed Until June

So I have cable with a QAM tuner TV. The guy at Circuit City said I could get digital cable without having to rent a box from the cable company with it. Turns out, the only digital channels I get are the ones that come in over the air. Is/was this supposed to change on Feb 17?

Nope. This switch over was for over-the-air only, and remains so even with this new legislation. Your first mistake was listening to the guy at Circuit City. There's a really good chance that most cable companies will never send anything over in Clear QAM other than your over-the-air stations. Everything else will most likely remain encrypted, and only received with a cable box or cablecard compatible set top box or TV.

I've heard (but not sure about) there is a 5 year moratorium on cable companies turning off their analog (cable-ready) signals. Who knows what will happen after that point.

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