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Comment: Re:Well DUH, You can't stop piracy. (Score 2) 115

by rizole (#48586463) Attached to: IsoHunt Unofficially Resurrects the Pirate Bay

Well DUH, they aren't trying to stop piracy.

They are trying to stop easy, casual piracy being the norm. They are trying to knock down the biggest threats. It's a perfectly rational response to the situation whether you agree with it or not. They might be idiots but they're not stupid.

+ - DNA tape recorder stores a cell's memories->

Submitted by sciencehabit
sciencehabit (1205606) writes "If cells could talk, they’d have quite a story to tell: Their life history would include what molecules they’d seen passing by, which signals they’d sent to neighbors, and how they’d grown and changed. Researchers haven’t quite given cells a voice, but they have now furnished them with a memory of sorts—one that’s designed to record bits of their life history over the span of several weeks. The new method uses strands of DNA to store the data in a way that scientists can then read. Eventually, it could turn cells into environmental sensors, enabling them to report on their exposure to particular chemicals, among other applications."
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Comment: Re:Astonishing grasp of the obvious (Score 1) 350

by rizole (#48381583) Attached to: Debunking a Viral Internet Post About Breastfeeding Racism
I love how one of these photos is described as depicting a women breastfeeding in private. While technically correct, because she sent the photo out into the world, she actually breastfed in public. Because of this story, of course, both women are now permanently breastfeeding in front of the whole world.

+ - Intel builds 'world's smallest' 3G modem->

Submitted by stephendavion
stephendavion (2872091) writes "Intel has unveiled a 3G modem not much bigger than a UK penny or US one-cent coin, with the aim of embedding it in connected devices around the home. The company says the XMM 6255, with an area of about 300 sq mm, is the world's smallest modem. The standalone chip could be used in wearable tech, as well as security devices such as "smart" smoke alarms. It is built to protect against overheating, and withstand tough conditions. The modem also features an embedded power supply."
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Comment: Re:Just make it simple (Score 1) 131

by rizole (#47378295) Attached to: Employees Staying Away From Internal Corporate Social Networks
A few years back the civil service had it's own internal twitter clone. It's goal was for Whitehall types to be able to network but in practice it ended up colonised by benefits call centre staff who were stuck at thier pcs and often had time to kill when call volumes lulled. It was some of the most fun I've had at work with memes, running gags, songs of the day, twisted lyrics, mornington crescent, a proper, successful internet community of professional people from accross the UK, largely like minded, legitimately goofing off in down time. It didn't affect my productivity ( I was certainly happier in my crappy job), we kept it clean and within obvious bounds of proper behviour and although we were frowned upon (Freedom of information requests would have shown that this work tool was just social funtime), they couldn't just close us down.

It did get killed in the end after I'd left the service but I'm good friends with many of the people I met there on other social net works.

NOw if you'll excuse me I've the llamas to clean out. #Jelly_baby anyone?

I've never been canoeing before, but I imagine there must be just a few simple heuristics you have to remember... Yes, don't fall out, and don't hit rocks.