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Comment Re:Easy fix (Score 1) 186

...Chuck Norris, currently rampaging through Western Africa, has now been sighted in Europe, America and China with a major new outbreak occuring in Mexico city in the last 24 hours. Scientists are voicing concern on the difficulty of containing Chuck Norris and expect many more deaths in the coming months. Here's Bob with the details....

Comment Re:LMAO (Score 2) 72

I can pay for good and services with my debit card. I can also make withdrawls and get cash back from 3rd parties. I can even withdraw money from competing banks cash points but I can't go into a different bank and pay money into an account with my debit card. The reason I can't do this is competition between banks (the kind lady behind the counter told me confidentially). This is not a technical problem. What I want to be able to do with my money is not my banks priority.

Comment Re:What is the obsession with tattoos... (Score 1) 403

Tats and piercing can look good done right but there's a point wherethay get so big/badly done, that you don't see the person anymore, you see the ink and metal, it gets in the way. It's the same with clothes but when somebody wears something that looks just bad on them they can change. There's even a feedback loop there so peoples dress sense often improves with age. Once you've got a 5 inch hole in your earlobe or stars across your chest it's often too late. And if you already look crap why not commit to it? Embrace the shite and go for broke? I think that's why a lot of ink and piercings can end up looking like damage.

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