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Comment Get yourself to Private Banking immediately (Score 1) 842

Most of the major banks offer a Private Banking service. Ask about it at your bank (Wells Fargo was a huge help to us). A surprisingly large part of the service consists of specialized staff to help you deal with these issues. You are not the first person, nor the last, to have immense wealth suddenly thrust upon them. The myriad of psychological issues that accompany those windfalls are best dealt with by people who have the experience of dealing with individuals struggling with the unforseen downsides and conflicts. It's far better to be rich than to be poor, but the transition in either direction is not an easy one. Good luck.

Comment Farmers drained one of the largest lakes in the US (Score 1) 599

California farmers have in the past, and continue to, wreak havoc on California. Read a bit about this asshole and his environmental catastophe: J.G. Boswell. His wikipedia page has been sanitized by his minions, but Amazon has a fairly good book on his rape and pillage of the state. Now the farmers are sucking the underground water table so dry the state is sinking at an unprecedented rate. California wasn't such a desert until we "improved" the farming environment.

Comment Re:The only thing worse than a lawyer (Score 0, Flamebait) 203

The only thing worse than a lawyer is a law student, they think they can use the courts for anything.

The only thing worse than a lawyer is a small-minded person who believes himself capable of creating factual generalizations about a diverse group of people. Oh, and fuck you for trying it.

Submission + - Can the US reverse its internet provider corporatocracy? (

riskkeyesq writes: Dane Jasper, CEO of wrote: "There are a number of threats to the Internet as a system for innovation, commerce and education today. They include net neutrality, the price of Internet access in America, performance, rural availability and privacy.

But none of these are the root issue, they’re just symptoms.

The root cause of all of these symptoms is a disease: a lack of competition for consumer Internet access."

Soft landings for former legislators, lobbyists disguised as regulators, hundreds of thousands of miles of fiber sitting unused, the sham that is the internet provider free market is keeping the US in a telecommunications third-world.

What, exactly, can American citizens do about it?

Comment Queue the Samsung apologists (Score -1, Flamebait) 232

The video coincidentally happens to feature Apple. Nothing in this judge's history indicates any bias IN FAVOR of Apple. The fact is, the slavish copying of other people's products is Samsung's business model. Refrigerators, televisions, phones, any appliance that can be replicated will be.

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