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Comment: Re:Don't be so far to believe! (Score 1) 81

If you it actually was forbidden to sell food, you would not see this story. The Russian government does not fuck around. You may be able to bend laws in central Russia, but not Moscow.

But I can see that the store may have some trouble, since the perception that buying EU food is impossible may well be wide spread. This add campaign basically is clever advertising and a bit of critique of the situation.

Comment: Re:Won't save most of the 4000 lives (Score 1) 615

by rioki (#49718301) Attached to: The Economic Consequences of Self-Driving Trucks

Then again the car will not be able to stop on the spot. it needs to actually slow down with it's breaks. Event the situation where something falls of the back of a pickup truck; whatever falls needs to slow down by friction. The only situation that GP has anything useful is the kid that runs onto the street a short distance away. This situation physics dictates that there is not solution, if you consider stopping distance only. But an autonomous system, as a driver can also swerve to avoid the obstacle. The reduction in response time, may actually save the life of the person running in front of the truck. Then again this exact situation is one of the hardest to handle, since an obstacle coming perpendicularly towards the vehicle may still stop before the paths intersect.

Comment: Re:Yeah, disappointing (Score 1) 776

Except that MRA is not about male supremacy. It is a movement aimed to address issues, where people get the raw end, purely for being male. (divorce law, rape: guilty until proven innocent, criminal justice biases) Most MRA's are egalitarian.

So in this case the duck does not quack like a duck. This guy is a male supremist, different story.

Comment: Re:But why? (Score 4, Insightful) 634

by rioki (#49568377) Attached to: How To Increase the Number of Female Engineers

Ok, fine, I will bite.

Now let's say the university alters their courses to be more attractive to women. But the jobs that engineers will not change. You may want to change them, but if they want them to actually achieve something useful, they really can't change. It's like asking painters to be more like actors, so actors can also enter the field of painters; this will not create more painters, since the skill of painting, remains the skill of painting.

"more societally meaningful" ?! And I don't get it either. My job does not get more societally meaningful; if I don't do my job (Software Engineer, Industrial Automation), you don't get any power to your home, don't drive a car, don't get air condition in the mall and many more things. Sure I am only a small cog in that bigger scheme of things, but without engineers modern society would not exist.

I would like more women in engineering; many of the colleagues I like to work with are women. And talking with them, the content of their work is not what is holding them back. In some cases it may be social or cultural and in other cases just "math is hard".

On that note, I demand more male nurses!

Comment: Re:Inept, or the plan? (Score 1) 160

by rioki (#49558657) Attached to: Pirate Bay Blockade Censors CloudFlare Customers

How do you expect to operators of companies to know all the laws for all the countries?! And it does not hold up with "non internet" applications of the law. Say for example I operate a mail delivery store for marital arts weapons. In my country all weapons that I sell are legal and I apply the law properly as in my country (e.g. age restrictions). Now you want to import something, say a training shuriken, into your country, but there it is illegal. It your responsibility as the importer of the goods to comply with your countries laws and regulations. Why the hell should that be different on the internet?!

Comment: Re:Render farm? (Score 1) 150

Actually I like to point to Star Citizen. The cinematic and trailers for that game are at the same level of graphical fidelity than the highest in game settings. The issue is that, first you probably can't afford the system that renders this smoothly, second the game absolutely feels differently. Game play is restricted by the input space and thus is almost always clunky; the more realistic the graphics, the more jarring the disconnect feels.

Comment: Re: Andrew "bunnie" Huang argues that Moore's Law (Score 1) 101

by rioki (#49476677) Attached to: Fifty Years of Moore's Law

I don't know, switching from aluminium and titanium to composite materials is, such as carbon fibers is a real big deal in aviation. But this is something that you don't see and thus don't recognize. Would you know that the A350 and 787 are almost entirely made of plastic?

I agree that Moore's Law is slowing, but i doubt that we will see a slowdown in innovation. We have already seen a shift from more powerful to smaller and more energy efficient. The number of applications that need raw power are getting less and less and move into the realm of "good enough". Even in data centers you are start to see power improvement as we can do the same thing with less hardware and power consumption.

I think the next big hurdle will be network connectivity. More bandwidth, less latency.

Comment: Re:Physics (Score 1) 108

by rioki (#49468375) Attached to: The International Space Station (Finally) Gets an Espresso Machine

I would not consider 70 - 80C (158-176 F) "close to boiling point". The remainder is correct, an espresso machine works primarily on pressure. That is why it makes RRRRR Pffff sound when the presure valve releases.

(Didn't the Italians already bring a converted nespresso machine to the ISS?)

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