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Comment Re:What could go wrong (Score 1) 405

This does not compute. Normal pavement is generally made up of waste products from oil and coal extraction and combustion processes. It's dirt cheap and in many cases the producers pay to get rid of it. On the other hand you have small computers with large arrays of silicon infused with platinum, gold and rare earth minerals. You are figuratively and somewhat literally paving the road with gold. If you want sensing equipment on roads, then install pneumatic or radar sensors.

Photovoltaik may barely work, when you keep the glass clean and install it in an optimal orientation. Putting it above the road to shade the drivers may actually be a better idea, than on the pavement...

Comment Re: Trump just says stuff (Score 1) 875

Also when a company spends the money to "avoid" taxes, the money does not just disappear, it is spend on goods and services. Say for example a company builds a new building, because they have so much money to spare. The money goes to the builder and his subcontractors, which then run a profit and further buy goods and services. With a flat tax rate, as long as someone is running a profit the taxes get collected in the end (or payroll tax as parent mentions), just not from one company, but from many.

Additionally this is EXACTLY what you want. Generally you do not want companies or individuals to hoard money. You want to keep the money flowing, since that stimulates the economy. Incentivising reinvestment is actually a good idea.

Comment Re:One kind of employee (Score 1) 227

I had a very similar experience with Google. In my decade of work experience as a software engineer, I have been soling "big picture" issues all the time. It very rarely went down the "quick sort" level of algorithms and I have been working on compilers and language interpretation most of the time. The general work can be summered, here are some requirements, make it working software. Yet, when I interviewed with Google a few years back, all I got was CS 101 "quick sort" style questions. I was mildly prepared for it, but their insistence on low level questions was slightly disturbing. Yes, Google was the hardest to interview, but not in a good way, more in the "moving Mt. Fuji" style of bad interview.

Comment Re: No. (Score 1) 303

Exactly, also 98% of the questions, answers and code contained within are trivial, if you have the requisite domain know how. This means that most of it would fall under the obvious fact doctrine and not be copyrightable anyway. The key issue with SO, is that most people who ask or look up questions simply don't have the domain know how; yet; which makes it a valuable learning tool.

Comment Re:If this is debunked in the summary, why post it (Score 0) 340

To paraphrase the article:

"O M G! Somebody claims that my diet is bad for the environment. That cant be true. I get that you omnivores are sick of being criticized for your unhealthy and evil ways. I know that because I heard about all these studies, so this study must be a load of crap. I mean who eats only salad, vegetarians obviously eat soy."

Comment Re:15 years old? (Score 1) 475

I would be shocked if in 20 years time any EV (as we know them now) are sold at all. The key issue is that batteries are stupid and they aren't that eco friendly once you account for disposal (or material reclaiming). I would rather think that a good number of cars will run with internal combution engines, just powered by bio diesel and gasoline from CO2 sequestration. Both are technologies that work, just need to be scaled up and made economically feasible. (Carbon tax on fossil fuels and subsidy for C02 neutral sources.) This requires no change on the end of the consumer or automotive technology.

Comment Re:Still Crap on Linux (Score 1) 50

I would not say game devs are clueless. The key point is that they try to get the most out of the hardware as possible and to do that they are ready to do anything, even a pact with the devil. I have seen the most abhorrent code in game engines and shaders and all in the effort of a few frames per second more. The key problem is that the hack that worked one generation of hardware is broken in the next. When game development spans years, in which multiple hardware generations may come out, this creates are huge mess...

Comment Re:When You Can't Get A Date...Blow Something Up (Score 1) 497

The watershed moment is when that nerd finishes his engineering or computer science degree and get a 50k-100k job. Engineering is one of the few jobs that consistently have high entry salaries. Other areas that may have huge salaries, generally have really low paying or ultra high steess entry conditions, such as law, medicine or business administration.

As a result you have a slightly weird guy with mediocre fashion sense, not very high self esteem and a high paying job. They suddenly get catapulted to the top of the dating pool without actually realizing it. The reason why you see many nerds being married, is because any woman with a sense knows to put a ring on his finger before he realizes that he actually is at the top of the dating pool.

Back to the terrorist thing; conservative and religious; that seems odd. This does not hold up with my anecdotal experience. Most engineers are quite rational and that generally preclude believing in imaginary people in the sky. Also the conservative moniker does not really hold up; most doe not hold any profound political views; but they sure can get riled up about naming conventions or editor choice. What they generally are, is antisocial to some degree. Hating people in general and certain anointing groups in particular can lead a certain inclination to violence.

Comment Re:Pastafarianism protects other religions' rights (Score 1) 518

Generally the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is an atheist gathering that tries to show that when strict laws collide with exemptions for religious freedoms, nonsense ensures. Either you implement a strict rule set and enforce it irrespective of someone's religion or you loose regulations to a sane level.

Comment Re:This one's easy (Score 1) 195

Fun fact, creating a good work life balance for your employees may actually have a positive outcome to the bottom line. First, motivated workers generally have something like a 10x higher output. Second, when you have a nice place to work, employees are ready to be payed less; generally they tend to favor a better place to work over a higher salary. Third, having a nice place to work will attract talent and retain it. At least for the tech sector, creating a nice place to work is the egoistical approach.

Comment Re:add a clause. (Score 1) 190

What he did was the right thing. Since Sony (Epic Records) where in violation of their license terms. He politely informed them that they had 48h to rectify the issue. When the time was up he issued a claim against the now infringing music video. In contrast so Sony, he has a valid claim that will also stand in court. That got Sony to act and they lifted the strike. But at this point the music video was still without a valid license. So as condition Martinez demanded he be credited in the music video's description and he would consider the issue resolved and the license valid.

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