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Comment: Re:Best way to fix it (Score 2, Interesting) 322

by ringmaster1982 (#33128440) Attached to: No, Net Neutrality Doesn't Violate the 5th Amendment
Government did not make the internet what it is today; private industry did. Government wanted a WAN design, granted, but yeesh. 'government-created information network' is definitely not just a stretch, it's inaccurate. Government opening the door to private industry does not equate to government creation, and it certainly doesn't show initial interference to back up your somewhat rude point ( In fact, looking at current government and military uses of networks and IP, and it's inability to keep up with not just commercial; but foreign government uses as well, I'd be tempted to say that I'm surprised this post is modded 4 to insightful instead of 0 to troll. At either rate, to quote PJ O'Rourke, "Giving money and power to Government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys."

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