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Comment: Re:Golf Buddies (Score 1) 258

by riis138 (#48393203) Attached to: Comcast Kisses-Up To Obama, Publicly Agrees On Net Neutrality
This is something that has worried me more and more as we dig deeper into the net neutrality discussion. How are we going to force Comcast's hand when the two people at the negotiating table are going out for a round of golf afterwards? It's a major conflict of interest and one I am surprised that more media outlets have not picked up on.

Comment: Caveat Emptor (Score 1) 215

by riis138 (#47891671) Attached to: Kickstarter's Problem: You Have To Make the Game Before You Ask For Money
As far as i'm concerned, any project I back on Kickstarter is an investment. While I would love to see a return on investment (and believe me, some of the projects I have back have gone on to do great things), its not always possible. There are far too many people out there backing projects that expect a 100% ROI every time. This is simply not possible.

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