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Comment: Re: so, I'm in the more than 8 yrs ago camp (Score 1) 391

by riis138 (#47601737) Attached to: How long ago did you last assemble a computer?
I agree with this. They all have their own selling points along with specialty apps that are more/less important to some as they are to others. With VM's being an option nowadays it would seem that arguing which OS is better is a moot point. Run them all, storage is cheap and plentiful.

Comment: Re: And, Microsoft has always done this ... (Score 1) 379

by riis138 (#47068633) Attached to: With the Surface Pro, Microsoft Is Trying To Recreate the PC Market
I don't know too many people outside the industry that know what Tizen is, let alone know enough to get excited for it. Samsung needs to realize, the reason people buy their phones is because of android. the hardware and gadgets are cool and all, but when push comes to shove, people are buying the Android ecosystem, not Samsung.

Comment: Can you blame them? (Score 2) 200

by riis138 (#47047675) Attached to: China Bans Government Purchases of Windows 8
Honestly, I feel that many of the news services that have reported this story got the motive all wrong. I think that the Chinese government not wanting to adopt Windows 8 has much more to do with a convoluted interface and inflated licensing fee than spite over the Windows XP support debacle. Of course this is just my opinion, but from what I hear in the workplace every day in regards to Windows 8, there is a very similar narrative going on here at home.

Comment: Can't wait (Score 2) 234

by riis138 (#47032935) Attached to: Why Cheap Smartphones Are Going To Upset the Industry
I used to be one of those people who had to have the latest flagship phone on a 2 year plan. Then I wised up, realized I could buy a $200 phone with a quad core cpu and plenty of storage via removable SD card, and pay $50 a month for service. My current moto android running kit kat is every bit as good as the latest iOS device and Samsung flagship, and I paid half the price. I think we are about to see a huge drop in price as more people come to the realization that many of the features on flagship phones these days are gimmicks that only 1% of users with actually take advantage of.

Comment: I've been there (Score 1) 415

I'm happy to see others drawing attention to this annoying issue. I ended up switching to Sprint after Verizon and Apple were powerless to help me when I swapped my Iphone for an Android. I tried having my friends with iPhones delete my contact info, add me under a new name, etc. Nothing seemed to work. A quick Google search will show you that many others have had this problem.

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