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Comment Application Development Going Overseas (Score 1) 77

I work in a Java development shop which is predominantly about 80% either India offshore or H1B onshore. Now my employer is building a development center in India. While I cannot blame Indian workers for the opportunities given to them, we are handing over high paying jobs to other countries. It is hard to recommend this type of work to young people as the jobs will not be there for them in the future. This certainly generates a perceived 'need' for HB1 workers. #dyingbreed #americantechnologyworkers

Comment Something Positive (Score 1) 424

George, it is time to step away from Star Wars. You did a great job with the first 3 movies, the last 3 not so much. There is nothing wrong with a movie which the fans will enjoy. Since everyone seems to be negative about Episode 7... I think JJ Abrams will do a great job! What if... just what if he read the George Lucas stories and thought they were bad, really bad. This was probably the right thing to do and honestly... why did George think they would use his stories after selling the franchise off to Disney? Also, from what I know, Lawrence Kasdan was involved in this new story and as far as I am concerned the best movie was Empire Strikes Back. JJ Abrams is very much into storytelling, so for those thinking this will be a lifeless action movie are likely mistaken. Personally, I can't wait to see this film. I think its shaping up to be great!

Comment MS was the browser killer (Score 2) 255

The irony here is that Microsoft never had interest in 'web browsing' on the internet. IE was simply a response to the popularity of Netscape in the 90s. Microsoft envisioned an internet where desktop apps would use web services under the covers to get data over the internet. Being locked in and locked down is essentially what they wanted. Also Microsoft attempted several times to kill off development of the browser once IE had marketshare. They also claimed there was no more innovation to be had in the modern web browser. So after all of this, perhaps Microsoft is changing their mind.

Comment my opinion (Score 1) 274

I am 42 and have been working in the web/internet/ecommerce realm and have done a little bit of everything over the last 19 years (I think). I look back at the earlier years and my first several jobs often required 50-60 hr weeks and 24/7 support. I'd say a start up is fine, as long as you get in with a higher position with some 'real' opportunities for personal gain. I look back at my 20's or early 30's and I really worked hard long hours... and I would really love to have them back. The employer always dangling the carrot... and every project is THE MOST epic and important project ever... My advice is to do what is most important to you and do not undersell your own experience. By this point, I would believe you have been through literally hundreds of projects and have given so much time to your employer. Perhaps the startup is looking to leverage your experience... allow you to lead and flourish and that may be worth it. If they are just looking to fill hours of 'resource' for project work, it may not be for you.

Comment Companies are cheap (Score 1) 198

Companies don't like that they have to pay for some form of R&D. This is essentially what 20% time is except it is open to all employees. So it is possible to make improvements in all facets of the company, not just certain strategic areas. Of course, someday this will backfire, when innovation, learning, and growth comes to a halt.

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