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Ubuntu Will Switch To Base-10 File Size Units In Future Release 984

Posted by Soulskill
from the stay-above-the-belt dept.
CyberDragon777 writes "Ubuntu's future 10.10 operating system is going to make a small, but contentious change to how file sizes are represented. Like most other operating systems using binary prefixes, Ubuntu currently represents 1 kB (kilobyte) as 1024 bytes (base-2). But starting with 10.10, a switch to SI prefixes (base-10) will denote 1 kB as 1000 bytes, 1 MB as 1000 kB, 1 GB as 1000 MB, and so on."

Microsoft Facing Class-Action Suit Over Xbox Live Points 107

Posted by Soulskill
from the demo-suit-is-free dept.
An anonymous reader tips news that a lawyer in Pennsylvania has filed a class-action lawsuit against Microsoft, alleging that the company's handling of Xbox Live transactions is, in some cases, fraudulent. "Samuel Lassoff, of Horsham, PA, said an invoice he received earlier this month from Microsoft included charges for purchases he couldn't complete due to a balky download system — and he claimed it wasn't an accident. Microsoft 'engaged in a scheme to unjustly enrich itself through their fraudulent handling' of his account, Lassoff charged in papers filed earlier this week in US District Court for Eastern Pennsylvania. ... 'Microsoft breached that contract by collecting revenues for digital goods and services which were not provided,' Lassoff said in his lawsuit."

Comment: Re:All that trouble... (Score 1) 848

by richardbirks (#26409293) Attached to: Windows 7 Beta Released To Public After Delay

Personally, I'm going to find things very interesting when VII actually hits the streets. Will the masses jump? Are the masses just as tired of dancing the Redmond Slide like most of us /. type folks are?

Unfortunately for Microsoft shit tends to stick, and the shit that accompanied Vista was very sticky indeed.

If the same people who avoided Vista in round one get it into their head that Windows 7 is Vista part deux, then it won't matter how much better/faster/prettier/resource-friendly (delete as applicable) it is. They'll continue to remain apathetic and stay away.

Comment: Re:if no sale, 10% cut in 280K salary (Score 2, Funny) 290

by richardbirks (#26409087) Attached to: SCO Proposes Sale of Assets To Continue Litigation

Wow. Only 66 employees? I wonder how many are actually working on products they sell?

I expect most, if not all, of the employees that are capable of finding alternative jobs will be long gone. The remaining 66 are either in golden-handcuffs or are drooling morons.

Maybe they should produce their own, reality-tv, version of "The Office" to raise extra funds...


+ - AMD Releases Open-Source R600/700 3D Code->

Submitted by lldmer
lldmer (1332777) writes "Phoronix has reported AMD released open source code for 3D acceleration on R600/700 GPU's:

Since earlier this year we have been waiting for AMD to release documentation and/or code on the ATI R600 series concerning 3D acceleration so that the open-source Linux drivers can begin to support the newer ATI graphics processors. It has taken longer than expected for AMD to complete and release this information, but it's now available. AMD has released the fundamental Linux code needed to begin fostering the development of an open-source R600 3D driver. Furthermore, this code also concerns the latest R700 series of graphics processors! The microcode for the newest GPUs has also been released.


Link to Original Source
Operating Systems

MoBo Manufacturer Foxconn Refuses To Support Linux 696

Posted by kdawson
from the must-be-some-good-explanation dept.
Noodlenose notes a thread up on the Ubuntu forums, where a user is questioning the practices of hardware manufacturer Foxconn. The user describes how his new Foxconn motherboard caused his Linux install to freeze and fire off weird kernel errors. He disassembles the BIOS and concludes that a faulty DSDT table is responsible for the errors. Even though the user makes Foxconn aware of the problem, they refuse to correct it, as 'it doesn't support Linux' and is only 'Microsoft certified.' The user speculates darkly on Foxconn's motives. Read the forum, read the code, and come to your own conclusions. "I disassembled my BIOS to have a look around, and while I won't post the results here, I'll tell you what I did find. They have several different tables, a group for Windows XP and Vista, a group for 2000, a group for NT, Me, 95, 98, etc. that just errors out, and one for LINUX. The one for Linux points to a badly written table that does not correspond to the board's ACPI implementation.' The worst part is Foxconn's insistence that the product is ACPI compliant because their tables passed to Windows work, and that Microsoft gave the the magic WHQL certification."

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