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Comment: Journal (Score 1) 527

by ribman (#33378346) Attached to: Preserving Memories of a Loved One?

So many posts. I can't read them all to find out if anyone suggested this.


Get her to write a journal of her deepest thoughts about the past, present, herself, you and her children. Paper preferably. To only be opened long after she's gone. There are things that a person will only say if they know that it will only be known long after their time.

Sometimes an oral historian can help to write it if the person can't write themselves.

Peace be upon you.

Comment: Standard hidden agenda - extinguish metaphysics (Score 1) 733

by ribman (#23058770) Attached to: Brain Study Calls Free Will Into Question
Yet again, this is not so much interesting as a scientific investigation as being yet another roll of the "Ah, now we have proof of [anyone's choice of God]'s non-existance" dice. Dream, dream, dream ... You won't extinguish humainity's natural mytaphysical bent that easily. "Bring me the severed head of the dead God and then I will believe you." :)

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