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Comment Re:dont be so sure (Score 1) 339

3. Voter disenfranchisement? Like putting black panthers with nightsticks outside of polling stations? ID to vote is common place in most western civilized countries.

Indeed it is. PHOTO Id isn't though. The US Gov does not require people to have any more ID than a voter registration card. It is fundamentally unconstitutional to require anything else. There is NO voter fraud - this is simply not a problem in current existence.

Up north the Conservatives pulled the same bullshit in our last election, and thankfully they still had their asses handed to them. They actually implemented increased identification requirements which mostly affected the poor, spouting nonsense about massive voter fraud. Meanwhile the government agency which actually oversees elections was repeatedly asking for the evidence, because they actually have the data and it doesn't show any fraud. Ironically there were a number of cases of political campaigns violating the Elections Act. Sadly all the ridiculous changes rushed through in the last two years means the Liberals get to spend most of their first year in office undoing the damage.

Comment Re:What could go wrong (Score 2) 405

1,000 KM of solar panels to provide power for 5 million people does not sound like an experiment. It sounds more like a huge infrastructure investment using a technology that currently has only been implemented at a length of 100 meters on a pedestrian/cyclist pathway, and that implementation was done by a completely different company with a different product. Surely just a few kilometers would be more appropriate for an experiment. I would hope they are implementing the project with a drawn out introduction phase that will test the product at a much reduced scale for several years.

Comment Re:As long as... (Score 1) 232

The crash scene, the agent jumping between cars, the fight with multiple Agent Smiths, pretty much every scene that had a CGI'd Neo in it. The multiple Agent Smith fight was so awful - it was a huge mistake to do the first half of the battle with actors and the second half with CGI.

Comment Re:Media bias and misrepresentations (Score 1) 138

They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists, and some, I assume, are good people.

An accurate representation of what he said was "some illegal immigrants are criminals", which is true simply by the law of averages, with the implication that if they went through a vetting procedure we could perhaps filter out the criminal portion.

I agree that Trump has been misrepresented by the media on a number of things, particularly the muslim registration thing, but the statement by itself does seem generalize mexican immigrants as rapists, and only some of them happen to be good people. Otherwise it would have made far more sense to say "They're good people, but some of them are rapists" - but that doesn't quite invoke nearly as much fear. Maybe he misspoke, but given all the other stuff coming out of his mouth it really seems to align with his narrative.

Comment Re: How very Republucan... (Score 1) 249

It's seems telling that they mention Australia in that email, one of the few markets where they actually charge more for distribution of content than in the US. It boils down to: "We still have Australia by the balls in terms of content distribution and pricing, but Netflix is allowing Austalians to pay American prices for our content. American prices! We'll go bankrupt at this rate!"

Honestly, if people are willing to pay for a US netflix account, i.e. the price to consume content in the country where 99% of that content was created, isn't it pretty greedy to try and strong-arm people into paying more?

Comment Re:There is only one goal (Score 1) 555

Relax. Even if they do this, DIY tutorials for disabling the smart controls will be available soon after they become mainstream. Just like iPhones get jailbroken within a week or so of an OS update, smartguns will be jailbroken fairly quickly - and it'll only need to be done once. Even Keurig failed to come up with a solid way to lock out competing k-cups when they had hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue at stake.

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