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Comment Re:Does any one care? (Score 4, Interesting) 440

It is surprising that there are not MORE suicides correlated with that list, just based on general suicide statistics.

- General US suicide rate for men is 19.4 per 100,000 per year. (wiki)
- If there were 31,000,000 men on AM, let's assume a quarter are in the US, so 7,750,000.
- Based on the above suicide rate, one could expect 1503 suicides from that group within a year. That is 4.1 suicides per day.

People have discovered that 3 different people from the group committed suicide since it was dumped. Statistically there should be at least another dozen or two.

I am not a statistician, feel free to correct my math/assumptions.

Comment Re:Trust is basic to civilisation (Score 1) 705

Hmm, I had posted a reply yesterday but it didn't seem to go through.

I am not condoning people having affairs, nor am I arguing it is somehow beneficial to society for people to do so. Seriously, just because I disagree with the poster's stance doesn't mean I take the extreme opposite stance. The puritan view I am against is the belief that every profile on AM is someone who deserves to be ostracized because they are having sex or trying to have sex outside their marriage. I very much expect that significant number of users are probably just on there to fantasize about the possibilities, maybe even going so far as to have some explicit online chat. If that's breaking promises then watching porn by yourself shouldn't be far behind (I'll admit I may have a vested interest in considering watching porn as not cheating). Would I be upset if I found my wife having an explicit chat? Maybe. Probably moreso that she didn't tell me about her interest. Would the general population feel that is cheating? I don't know, but I don't expect everyone to have the same values as I do. I do expect my wife not to have sex with others without my consent (not that I would necessarily ever give it), but her having on account on the site doesn't mean she's having sex, it just means we need to talk. Personally I have 3 fake profiles on the site, that I made with my wife, because we were curious about what was on there when we first saw an ad - 3 because every time we went back we forgot the credentials. I did use an old personal email address to do it though, and I have no doubt if anyone I knew actually knew the address many would assume I was out there having affairs and I should probably lose my job and my kids and burn in hell, etc.

So again, I do agree that it is a "puritanical glee" with which people are condemning all entries in the database. AM's marketing is irrelevant too - just because their ads may encourage specifically going out and having sex, doesn't automatically mean every member, or even most, has done anything other than make an account to see what there is to see.

Comment Re: Misleading Attention Grabbers (Score 1) 161

ABS can fail in dangerous ways in my (anecdotal) experience. My first and only car has a failed ABS system, apparently from salt wearing away at the poorly designed connectors (2007 Yaris). In addition to slippery situations, the ABS would partially engage when braking if I happened to go over a sewer cover or a minor pot hole. In all situations it wouldn't properly engage though, so any time it activated it just reduced my braking to about 20% effectiveness. In was very unpredictable. I am a careful driver and this usually only happened when slowing down for a red light in snowy conditions - however the stopping distance with and without ABS was like 40ft versus 10 ft. It was like this when I purchased it, but having no experience with ABS I just assumed that was what ABS did. I asked people and they would just say that yeah, that's how ABS works - less power but more traction. One particularly bad winter it happened often enough that I feared driving with any snow on the ground, so I pulled the fuse to disable it. I brought it to the service shop and asked the techs to look at it - yeah it was a common problem with this model in Canada, but there was no recall. $1200 to fix but would probably fail again after a few winters. I left the fuse out and never looked back.

I personally don't care about the whole manliness thing, but I sure as hell feel safer with my ABS is disabled. Knowing that it can fail like that leaves me with very little trust for it in general.

Comment Re:Red Herring (Score 1) 330

The information comes up on the original web site that published the article. That web site, according to its robots.txt file, allows that page to be indexed by search engines. Either remove the data at the source, or properly identify it as being unindexable. This law is being applied to the wrong company.

Comment Re:quickly to be followed by self-driving cars (Score 1) 904

The "parent with extra crap" stuff is actually easy to solve. Just get a large duffle bag with all the stuff and throw it in the trunk when the car shows up

This is what my wife and I do for our 10 month old. All of his stuff is in a large carry bag. Occasionally we have to add the stroller, but generally it is all taken out when we're at home. Of course, we only have one small car, and it would be a hindrance to leave things in it. I'd like to think we would do the same if we had a larger vehicle.

Comment Re:Error 1 (Score 1) 904

They also fail to hit on the idea that gas stations might just become smaller to remain profitable, and they also might spring up as add-ons to existing businesses. Most hardware stores in my area have small propane service outlets. Likely we would see similar things for gas, tacked onto the sides of businesses, or even in the corners of a parking lot.