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Comment Re:Defense will be based on advertising dollars (Score 1) 56

Isn't it more likely the alternatives to Youtube just aren't big enough to attract the hordes of false DMCA claims yet? Or are Youtube's competitors putting their livelihoods on the line by ignoring the DMCA safe-harbor provisions? Maybe they are putting forward the ridiculous amount of resources required to individually investigate every request?

Comment Re:Oh come on (Score 2) 179

But you do see golf clubs evolving over the years when novel materials are used to manufacture them, or when data shows a different mold is better. You get lighter clubs. Differently balanced clubs. Clubs with different grips, lengths, shapes, etc. All of which make it easier to do things that previous generations had to work very hard at, and therefore the previous generation is very biased towards maintaining the old status quo. I would bet that previously as new clubs allowed people to drive further, they just made bigger golf courses.

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 116

Yes but, again, time and effort versus actual damage caused? If ISIS actually had someone willing to take risks who had access to a hospital, they could just build a homemade bomb and set it off in the hospital lobby. That's likely to do far more damage in lives, injuries, financial, etc, and takes about a hundredth of the effort. Why scare a very small percentage of people who might have to get an MRI this year when you can make everyone afraid of even entering a hospital?

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 116

Certainly they would, but this isn't a case of sabotage causing a rival company's customers an inconvenience that might result in a fine if they ever got caught. This would be knowingly causing direct injury and death - there would be no corporate protection, people would go to jail for assault and manslaughter.

Comment Re:And this is news? (Score 1) 262

But mostly, multiplayer gaming is just a big bag of turds.

Yep. The sad thing is in the world of game streaming, the more obnoxious assholes are even rewarded for their behavior. Just last night I was playing H1Z1, a game that recently had a high profile Twitch-sponsored tournament. One of the tournament winners is currently being promoted on the game's dashboard, you can even get skinned items with his gamer name on it. I ran into him in game, had a good fight and lost to him, at which point he went into a verbal tirade about how bad I was. I would expect it from any random player, but this vitriol was from a guy who is actually part of the game's branding now. It's the new normal.

Comment Re:That's a first (Score 1) 350

In Ontario a man was dinged for doing 17 kmph over the speed limit: 'you are breaking the law if you do even one kilometer over the speed limit' said the judge. He protested a month later by doing the exact speed limit, causing a 4km long traffic jam. He was hit with obstructing traffic and had his license suspended. Of note: he had a 'partner' that was nailed with the same fine, who was driving in tandem in the adjacent lane.

I remember this, back in the 90's I think (probably why I can't find a link). It was a stupid stunt. Based on what was reported, the license suspension was well deserved.

Comment So? (Score 1) 116

And yet I'm not actually worried about going to the hospital and getting irradiated to death from a hacked x-ray machine. What incentive would someone have to make the effort and take the risk to hack these machines? The actual likely fallout from such a thing might be some invalid test results, and maybe even one or two direct deaths from an exploding MRI. The best scenario I can think of would be a foreign nation just wanting to do general economic damage to a country, but targeting a hospital would put them in violation of so many international treaties that they would be far more likely to damage their own economies after being sanctioned. Frankly I'd be far more worried about US gunships killing me at the hospital than hacked devices.

Comment Re:Reminds me of the earthquake and tsunami (Score 1) 360

Maybe the Japanese stations you watched just have lower graphics budgets than your average US station. One might hope in Japan they spend more money researching the facts rather than making it entertaining. Reminds me of CNN's 24/7 coverage on Malaysian airlines conspiracy theories, which was not improved at all by the CGI-animated cartoons they used to portray them. Entertaining and flashy is not necessarily better, especially when it comes to reporting the news.

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