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Comment: Not a practical solution (Score 1) 973

by rhaacke (#33192824) Attached to: Abandon Earth Or Die, Warns Hawking
At about $10000 per pound launch cost I estimate that it would cost an average of about $1,000,000 per person minimum just to get into orbit. Never mind how much it would cost to make an extraterrestrial colony be self sufficient. If we were just to shoot the population of the US into space and forget them it would cost 300 trillion dollars.

Massive EU Program To Study Three-legged Dogs 85

Posted by samzenpus
from the all-I-really-need-to-know-I-learned-from-a-three-legged-dog dept.
DMandPenfold writes "A multi-billion dollar European Union IT research fund will help study the behavior of three-legged dogs, it has been revealed. The fund will support extensive studies into how three-legged dogs move. There is a particular focus on how the dogs balance and function, given their missing limb."

Comment: This isn't about supporting a failed business (Score 2, Insightful) 381

by rhaacke (#32448554) Attached to: FTC Staff Discuss a Tax on Electronics To Support the News Business
This combined with the "emergency powers" over the internet that are being given to the Department of Homeland Security mean that most of the media in this country can conceivably be taken over by the government. If they don't like what you have to say they aren't going to allow you to say it.

Comment: Re:This ain't a patent troll (Score 1) 171

by rhaacke (#32338722) Attached to: Patents On Synthetic Life "Extremely Damaging"
Patents are very important. People do not work for free. The more important the discovery the more the discoverer should be paid for it. As has been noted by others here, the inventor spent 15 years of his life and millions of dollars developing this invention. Now you want him to just give all that effort and expense away. You are right. The depths of human greed are astonishing. It is even more astonishing when people don't even recognize the depths of their own greed while denigrating it in others. Who is the one who wants something for nothing here? You!

Comment: Re:Double Nuggets with Idiocracy (Score 1) 756

by rhaacke (#32020582) Attached to: California's Santa Clara County Bans Happy Meal Toys
So tell me, since you seem to be a child rearing expert, what other things decisions should the government make for me and my child. It is not about what is bad for the children but what is bad for society in general. I and not society have the primary responsibility for raising my child. It is none of the state of California's business how I choose to raise my child. You "It Takes a Village Types" can take a hike!

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