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Comment Re:Does not surprise me.... (Score 3, Interesting) 131

At the end of the 1990's I worked for one of the phone company "bells" that later became part of Verizon. At the time, customer service could pull up a webpage that had your account password as a field, but in display it was hidden with bullets (HTML input tag, type password IIRC). So all you could do was clear the field, type in a new password for the customer and click update. (The customer was then supposed to use that password to go online and change it to something else). Anyway, some technical support rep on customer service duty picking up an extra shift figured out you could just view that page's source and see the existing password in the clear, since it was the html tag obscuring it and not the database being hashed or anything. Well designed security there :-)

Comment Re:Let me get this straight (Score 1) 47

The purpose of this new blockchain is to cut out the Fed and ACH system middlemen (and associated fees) to settle funds between banks. Chase customers may write checks to BoA customers. BoA customers also write checks to Chase (and so on). At the end of each day, banks need to settle up with each other and transfer funds to make up the difference. The distributed ledger will be used for this purpose, where previously settlement funds would be routed through the Fed or the ACH system at a cost.

It will not be exposed in anyway to consumer facing channels, no will it allow you to move bitcoins into or out of your consumer checking account. No does it use Bitcoin as an alternative currency or legitimize it. It's simply using the blockchain technology as a new distributed settlement network to save money. So you can still say "Bitcoin is a failure" as a consumer payments system or alternative currency while at the same time using the technology for a very limited purpose for a very limited number of big banks to swap funds.

Comment Re: Well deserved. (Score 1) 540

I believe the reason behind this, is that credit card charges are expensive to process on a 99 cent purchase. I've noticed with the iTunes store that if I buy a whole album they will hit my credit card right away, yet if I buy a couple 99 cent tracks over the space of a few days, they won't be charged immeadiately. Apple seems to wait a bit to see if you'll buy something else, bundle them together in one purchase, and hit the credit card once. Which is pretty smart from a business standpoint, because eating the credit card fee on every 99 cent purchase probable sucks - even for Apple. As I recall, for my local gym, the owner pays 25 cents per transaction plus 2.5% of the purchase. I can see Apple wanting to wait a few days to see if anything else comes along they can bundle into a single ticket.

Comment Re:ok (Score 2) 230

You're failing to consider state funding of the U of MN, which has been declining steadily since 1991. It's peak levels for receiving state funding were in 1961 and 1977. Those funds need to be made up from somewhere. When your parents tell you they were able to put themselves through school on nothing but a summer job and some elbow grease, well, they are failing to thank the taxpayers.

Comment Not really a flaw... (Score 5, Informative) 69

So this doesn't work for apps downloaded from the iOS app store. For the vulnerability to work, you first have to download and install an Enterprise certificate, then you have to download and install an infected app from a specific third party website signed with that Enterprise certificate. This isn't really a vulnerability, this is the specific application path for installing custom enterprise apps at your private business. Don't go around installing unknown junk and you'll be fine.

Comment Re:More like inability to prioritize or be efficie (Score 1) 203

I heard the story in Economics class. Expect our Prof added on... "Now let me show you show the private contracting business works. A congressman sees that this Scrap yard watchman project is $900k over budget (or whatever the figure in the story was) and recommends that the private sector be brought in to manage it. His largest donor bids only $700k for the project and both congressman and business get to play the saving-the-taxpayers-money card to the press. But have they actually saved anything at all?"

Comment Re:Absolutely not shocked (Score 1) 283

Out of curiosity - did you learn the "Touch Math" method? I was in a pilot class in the very early 80's, where that pedagogy was all the rage and I'm 99% sure it's the reason I ended up math disabled. I couldn't make the leap from touch dots to real world math concepts, and to this day math takes me forever - even simple multiplication - as I have to "air touch" all those dots. It's seriously crazy.

Comment Re:Stream 11 (Score 1) 508

Dell Lattitude 600 series or 800 series laptops are worth a look for around 100-120. These were the workhorse laptops in the Core2Duo days at most businesses. Very easy to find a 2gig model with 80gig hard drive running Vista 64bit (eeew) that can be upgraded to Win10 for free. Spend another $30 bucks on ram to bring it up to 4 gigs and its a snappy little laptop. These are what I pickup and use at the churches I volunteer at providing free IT support.

Comment Re:Sorry, but Apple still deserves most of the cre (Score 1) 354

Actually, dragging to the trash made a lot of sense in the context of it's day.

You're on a single floppy drive machine - with no hard disk. You boot off the system disk and Eject it with CMD-E. The system caches the list of files on that disk and spits out the floppy, greys the icon a bit (but it is still clickable and even browsable without the disk in the drive - you just can't execute anything). Then you put in maybe your application disk for MS Word and fire that up, and after it's loaded you again eject with CMD-E. Again, the disk is cached and remains on the desktop.

Now you write up your homework in word and want to save the file. You insert a third disk. Your documents disk. You save the file, but you're done with that disk, so you use the Command "Put Away" CMD-Y to eject the disk and not have it cached to the desktop.

You then want to print your homework out for class, but this requires a read of the system disk, so the system prompts you to pop it back in.

All these disks appeared on your desktop and you could work between them because you had them cached virtually - all one a single floppy system. You only got rid of them when you were actually done with them. Whether or not they were physically in the machine had no bearing on whether or not you were still working with them. I mean, You wouldn't re-eject an already ejected disk would you just to clear the virtual disk off your desktop would you? To clean things up you'd just drag it to the trash - because you were trashing the ghost, not the actual disk. Or alternatively use CMD-Y to put away the ghost which had the same effect.

If you understood what was going on, it made sense in that context.

Comment Re:When The Lunatics Take Over The Asylum (Score 3, Interesting) 456

I dunno. Depression studies show that vigourous excercise several times a week is just as effective a treatment as the leading drugs at maintaining happiness and preventing suicide. Does that make Depression a real condition and disease, or just a result of our modern world allowing us to sit on our butts? If living a more simple lifestyle with more manual labor effectively cures your disease, is it even a real thing? We discussed this endlessly in biology. It's an interesting philisophical question.

Comment Re:In defense of GMO's (Score 2) 663

You're only correct to a point - ingesting GMO's, by and large, is safe by scientific consensus.

On the other hand, GMO's are horrible for the environment. The main "modification" given to plants is to make them more tolerant of highly toxic weed killers. This has sparked an arms race between your corn crop and weeds, to the point that superweeds are basically the farming equivalent of super bacteria. This is horrible for local flora and fauna who are out competed by the super weeds that grow faster and hardier than ever. And look at what it's doing to things like our bee populations. These neonectoid products are generally thought of as the reason we're seeing for the ongoing pollinator loss.

So just because you can eat GMO food doesn't mean it's good for us.

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