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Comment: Physical Multitasking (Score 1) 204

It's about as good as any multi-tasking. If you're really good, you can get away with it looking productive, but studies have show managing a single task at a time works best. You will get a better machine/body interface if you're not trying to walk around. You could argue that standing is slightly more healthy than sitting, but the counter argument would be that maintaining any position for prolonged periods is bad for you. I think we're moving toward a "Ghost in the Shell" machine interface where our electronics wrap around us. Just look at the Mad Catz Gaming Mouse, or the mind controlled gimmick electronics. We're working on interfaces that work around a sedentary body, and eventually we'll replace the parts of the body that have a problem with sedentary behavior.

Comment: Always vs. Most of the Time (Score 1) 465

by rgbfoundry (#34929040) Attached to: Open Source More Expensive Says MS Report
Yes. And murder isn't always illegal. Bottom line, look back over the past 15 years and see how much you've spent on Microsoft Office. Then compare that to how much you'll send on training and support for Open Office. I see money saved. Guaranteed. Now if you're talking about open source flight simulators or image manipulation software, you probably would be better off buying retail versions of those applications. Beware the "always" in this claim. They should actually title it "Most of the Time, Open Source Saves You Money", but Microsoft wouldn't have liked that title.

+ - Google Messes Up Calendar->

Submitted by rgbfoundry
rgbfoundry (1916834) writes "Google is having a problem with their Calendar service. It seems that a ton of people that used embedded calendars on their website are having problems. Basically, events scheduled for one day are being displayed on the previous day. A google employee has acknowledged the problem which seemed to start on Nov. 29th. 'We're working on it' has been the case for about four days now."
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