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Comment Re:Craigslist (Score -1) 244 244

Are you kidding me? I tolerate craigslist because it's the only game in town, or the only one that matters (same with ebay and facebook).

Craigslist has just about the worst user interface / search / features that I can imagine. I look at craigslist and see a conservative and understaffed company headed by a man with many virtues, but takes a near-religious stance against any kind of improvement, evolution, or change on his site.

I admire craigslist a lot for not exploiting their users. But c'mon, lets upgrade the search/filtering/user experience a little bit! I don't think the users would cry over one new feature every year or so. I wouldn't.

Comment Laws of mathematics (Score 5, Funny) 215 215

The top X% of any distribution is always going to consume some "large" number Y. I bet the top 1% of income earners earn 80% of all income. The top 1% of book readers probably read 80% of all books. And I bet the top 1% of slashdot posters live in 80% of all basements.. it's just basic math. Whenever there's a distribution.. well, some people will do a lot, and some a little.

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