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I should also point out, I could not get an answer out of the Google Fiber lady, at an IEEE meeting, what they mean by "no servers". She danced around the question. I asked her if I can continue to run my torrent server; no answer? I do know they won't assign static IPs, which is what I have now.

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Google Fiber seems to be rolling along in KCMO, and is expanding out into the metro area. Short of building their own networks, the cities should cut the red tape to make fiber installation as easy as possible. The $ cost should be technical, not wasting it on legal fees. Although they need to safeguard against evil companies (i.e. Comcast and Time-Warner). Still yet unknown if Google Fiber turns evil. They will be in my area (Overland Park, KS) soon.

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by rfengr (#48038337) Attached to: The $1,200 DIY Gunsmithing Machine

you can't even carry a freaking sword

Do you somehow find yourself aggrieved by not being able to carry a sword with you? Is it ruining your cyberpunk look or something?

Or are you just looking for things to kvetch about?

I should think there's very little call for walking around with a sword.

I fence epee, so yes, I do want to carry a sword, probably in cane form. Fortunately in Kansas it is perfectly legal for me to do so.

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