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Comment: Re:Viewing Launches (Score 1) 22

by rfengr (#49165649) Attached to: SpaceX Falcon 9 Launches Dual Satellite Mission
Huh, I saw the maiden Discovery launch too. My dad and I drove down from VA. I don't remember exactly where we watched from, but there was a pond near by, where the alligators were watching us. I took a few seconds to actually see it rise above the treeline. What still amazes me is how long the thrust tail was; a flame probably as long, or longer than the entire vehicle. BTW, looking forward to that open source HT. KD4HSO

Comment: Re: So who's going to buy them? (Score 1) 294

by rfengr (#48995487) Attached to: Radioshack Declares Bankruptcy
Yes, but Digikey is not making any money off of you. Until recently, they had a handling fee for any orders under $25. I too buy Digikey for home use, but have probably funneled $1M their way as an EE, which includes tape and reel. They often are the only ones to have several uF ceramic caps; I suppose they have the clout to buy up the inventory. But yeah, great prices on USPS shipping. Mouser is good too.

Comment: Re: A sense of scale (Score 1) 24

by rfengr (#48937277) Attached to: Spire Plans To Use Tiny Satellites For More Accurate Weather Forecasts
Seems what they are trying to do is measure the propogation as tangent to the earth as possible; i.e. get a really long propogation through the atmosphere. That would allow them measurements nearer the surface. Now if you did that from several directions, it may be sort of a CT scan, and you can isolate regions instead of the whoe path.

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