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Comment: Kerr effect (Score 3, Interesting) 62 62

I guess no one bothered to RTFA and delve deeper. Looks like the Kerr effect is the non-linearity of the refractive index; i.e. the refractive index changes with power, so that limits the light intensity they can shoot down the fiber. Looks like this development is a form of predistortion, most likely to aligning the phase of the carriers/channels to limit the crest factor (instantaneous total amplitude of combined channels) to minimize the kerr effect. We do this in the RF comms industry, but doing it optically is probably very tricky.

Comment: MCI (Score 4, Interesting) 203 203

by rfengr (#49653165) Attached to: Critics Say It's Time To Close La Guardia Airport
It just like in Kansas City where the asshole politicians want to rebuild what is the most convenient airport (for the local traveler) of anywhere in the country. You can be at your car in 1 minute from stepping off the plane. It's not about serving the citizenry, more about leeching taxes.

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