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+ - DNA Sequence Withheld From New Botulism Paper

Submitted by rex.clts
rex.clts (2791393) writes "In the IT security world, it is common practice to withhold specifics when announcing a newly discovered software vulnerability. The exact details regarding a buffer overflow or race condition are typically kept secret until a patch is available, to slow the proliferation of exploits against the hole. For the first time, this practice has been extended to medical publishing. A new form of Botulism has been identified, but its DNA sequence (the genetic code that makes up the toxin) has been withheld, until an antidote has been found. It seems that censorship in the name of "security" is spreading (with DHS involved this comes as no surprise.) Is this the right move?"

Comment: Re:Amazing idea (Score 0) 732

by rex.clts (#44732861) Attached to: EU Proposes To Fit Cars With Speed Limiters

it will cause the car to brake without the driver anticipating it. That will cause more accidents than speeding. Plus, a car that breaks hard when there's nothing in front of it will surprise other drivers and cause a number of accidents as well.

Implementing this will increase, not decrease traffic fatalities.

You really have to be the dumbest person in this entire thread.

There already exist limiters in commercial vehicles. These vehicles go down hills. Do you honestly think they apply the fucking brakes when the car exceeds the programmed speed?! I'll give you a little clue: NO, BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE FUCKING STUPID.

Comment: Re:Enough with the cloud crap already!! (Score 1) 445

by rex.clts (#44247755) Attached to: Dropbox Wants To Replace Your Hard Disk

If you do not have physical control of the device, you cannot know whether that web page it is showing is actually the login page for your email provider or a false front that logs into your email provider with your credentials, passes the data through to the screen, and waits for you to walk away so it can forward the contents of your inbox to Croatia.

And what about TLS and certificates? Did you forget that encryption (when implemented correctly) is mathematically sound?

Comment: Re:Yes (Score 2) 397

by rex.clts (#43981993) Attached to: Proposed NJ Law Allows Cops To Search Phones At Crash Scenes
You are seriously a fucking moron. "Oh cops, please come help me! I'm a liberal little pussy and can't wipe my ass unless it's with government approved toilet paper!" What happens when he turns and fires on the house before your beloved cops show up? Your wife/kids just got hit by bullets. Meanwhile, I dropped the motherfucker.

Comment: Re: Forcing strong passwords in the first place. (Score 1) 211

by rex.clts (#43577127) Attached to: Mitigating Password Re-Use From the Other End
I've been using Keepass+dropbox for about two years now, and am very happy with my workflow. It takes a little bit of massaging of the settings to get everything comfortable, but once you get it set up the way you want, it's very easy to use. Simply use the global hotkey (Ctrl+Alt+A) when I need a password entered. If it's the first time I've used it since log-on, I have to enter my master key, and then it stays unlocked until my windows session is locked. Then my "very strong" passwords are securely auto-typed into the browser session.

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