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Comment Re:What about privacy? (Score 1) 86

Right now a lot of medical transcription work is sent overseas to take advantage of low cost out sourcing. A few years ago a woman in Pakistan threatened to publish medical records from UCSF Medical Center on the internet unless she was paid a bit more.

While it's always possible that external intruders could get by the network security, the EHR's security, and figure out how to access and make sense of the proprietary data in the systems, the biggest threat is from people on the inside.

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Comment Re:Cradle of Life & Language (Score 1) 318

You'd think that some of the phrases early African people were saying all of the time would still be kicking around and we'd be using them. Why don't more peoples have a common way of saying:
- Look, a lion! Run.
- Fuck, it's hot around here!
- Damn, look at that ass!
- Gross, why do elephants have to shit so big?

Comment glass 1/2 full (Score 1) 890

At this point I'm just glad that militant Islam probably has some pretty strict rules about sticking things up their butt. If one of those guys put a stick of dynamite up their ass and blew up a plane with it then the new air travel rules will largely restrict willing passengers to porn stars.

Comment Re:Just another non-profit, I'm sure (Score 3, Insightful) 289

This is just one of the first few calls for investigations by the likes of Darrell Issa who recently asked that the House have "7 hearings a week times 40 weeks" investigating the executive branch. It's just like Clinton/Whitewater thing but with even less merit.

Comment the #1 reason myspace failed (Score 3, Insightful) 137

Most people have terrible taste and myspace gave them a lot more of an opportunity to unleash that onto the internet. They became the social networking version of Geocities and that ruined their branding.

Facebook locks down the look and feel of their website quite a lot and for branding purposes that's a good thing.

Designing Wireless Sensors To Be Dropped Into Volcanoes 126

Thorfinn.au writes with this quote from El Reg: "Topflight engineers based in Newcastle have hit upon a radical plan for warning of volcanic eruptions. They intend to build a heatproof sensor unit which can be dropped into a volcano's caldera and wirelessly transmit data to monitoring stations despite being possibly immersed in molten rock. 'At the moment we have no way of accurately monitoring the situation inside a volcano and in fact most data collection actually goes on post-eruption. With an estimated 500 million people living in the shadow of a volcano this is clearly not ideal,' explains Dr. Alton Horsfall of Newcastle Uni's Centre for Extreme Environment Technology. 'We still have some way to go but using silicon carbide technology we hope to develop a wireless communication system that could accurately collect and transmit chemical data from the very depths of a volcano.'"

Comment It could be a normal mega volcano or. . . (Score 3, Funny) 67

the evil galactic emperor Xenu could be dropping nuclear weapons into normal exoplanet volcanoes in an attempt to destroy the souls of brain-washed alien dissidents thereby creating exo-Thetans that will torment the future residents of said exoplanet.

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