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Comment: FTFY:You have selected to Boycott the Poor...... (Score 1) 201

by retroworks (#48632779) Attached to: Investigation: Apple Failing To Protect Chinese Factory Workers

Listen, I hesitate to post this. I'm friends with a lot of antiglobalists and absolute believe you mean well. But exaggerating an perpetuating racial stereotypes, and pretending that Chinese (and African and other non-OECD) consumers are not the PRIMARY beneficiaries of the industrial revolution ignores history by pretending language and race make our own industrial adolescence unique.

"You have chosen to rationalize non-tariff trade barriers to free employment of Chinese workers, probably to protect markets for a product you or your employer couldn't manufacture affordably enough for world (e.g. Chinese) consumers to buy and share your pleasant lifestyle. Your rationalization is characterized by one or more of the following possible memes;

[_] Calling engineers and employees of Chinese ODM factory "Chinese peasants"

[_] iPhones/Pads would cost too much for Chinese, Indian, and other emerging consumers if I had to pay my fellow wealthy citizens to make them

[_] iPhones employment/affluence overseas will not evolve the environmental regulations the industrial revolution caused me to vehemently insist for myself

[X] All the other progressive claiming manufacturers are using racial #whitesaviorcomplex memes too

[_] Some/Many/Most Chinese workers appreciate shrinking 40 hour weeks, quintupling of pay, and breathing their own consumption's aluminum dust

[X] It's not Foxconn, it's Apple

[_] It's not the Chinese government, it's Apple

[_] They (ODMs like Foxconn) should use their engineering degrees to continuously redesign products they patented if they don't like it

[_] OMG It's capitalism at work!

[_] OMG It's communism at work!

[_] My crass generalizations about "disposable workers" are paid applied to Apple disposable workers than my nation's agriculture and food (apple) harvesting

[_] Apple's auditors didn't prove a negative, that Mike Daisy's fictitious serious issues might not apply anyplace they didn't audit

[_] Five years ago, thanks to Taiwanese engineering firms like Foxconn, the Chinese who worked in Shenzhen were too wealthy to exploit

[_] My Android is Foxconn too

[_] I'm an Apple hater using Apple as a scapegoat

[_] I also work 60/80/100/120 hour weeks at my IT job

[_] Apple designers are in Taipei and Vancouver

[_] Every sanctimonious protectionist colonial power did the same thing to every successfully emerging market

[_] China outlawed slavery too.

[_] The Chinese manufacturers have no prison labor today

[_] It's up to the Chinese to stand up to their oppressive government

[_] There are lines of willing workers trying to do my job, better than I do, at Foxconn factories

[_] If any company were to stop hyperbolizing the exploitation, I really think it'll be Apple

[_] My affordable Chinese hardware runs on Android and Linux, and its white box OEMs made computers too affordable to the masses

[_] Foxconn workers think they have it great, but it's no ok until Anti-globalists say so!

[_] Foxconn worker suicide rate is lower than Chicago's suicide rate

[_] China's worker homicide rate is lower than Chicago's homicide rate

[_] If poor people get to use the same devices the wealthy use, it can pollute the whole world!

[_] Half of all Chinese households have an Foxconn product

[_] If they develop emerging cities like Shenzhen, I'll have no anti-globalist #whitesaviorcomplex causes to champion

[_] The falsely claimed high incidence of suicides didn't get the insurance money for hyperbolized suicide claims

[_] You can afford to read from a macbook/iphone/ipad right now

[_] When I post about suicide nets on American bridges, it's less exotic and altruistic sounding

[_] I'm writing to Interns in the US who don't get paid to make them think it's because of immigrant farm workers and engineers in Taipei and Hong Kong

[_] By merely suggesting the inference that some high tech Chinese factories beat the workers, apparently I score points as a do-gooder

[_] Why is this news? We expect false claims and hyperbole from anti-globalists

[_] We have a right to judge and decide what jobs Chinese aspire to."

Admittedly I've opened factories in Mexico and worked with technicians and geeks and fixers in Africa, South America, and Asia, and everybody is sick of getting arrested and accused of doing what your grandparents did to make your nation as affluent as it is today. We heard the same protests 10 decades ago when Massachusetts textile factoreies moved to the Carolinas, that North and South Carolina would be exploited and ruined and Massachusetts unemployment would be permanent. It's EXACTLY the same evolution of employment when I'm free to trade fairly with Chinese people, and your parodies of them as rice paddy burning ingorant peasants in shantytowns sounds the same to me as the Boston Brahmans sniffing about Irish upward mobility, and warnings about investments in "racist" Southern states.

Tell your kids that it was nice when the OECD nations lived in the biggest, nicest homes on Earth, and felt sorry for the non-OECD nations living in lean-tos and slums. But the fact the non-OECD economies have now caught up with the OECD should be no more concerning to us than if our neighbor has improved his house or car or garden. In a nice neighborhood, all property values go up and crime and suffering goes down. I know the original poster means well and I don't want to get worked up and call them sanctimonious. But really, this list was insulting when I first saw it 7 years ago and it's not improving with time. --

Comment: Solution is End Federal Ban (Score 1) 482

by retroworks (#48632513) Attached to: Colorado Sued By Neighboring States Over Legal Pot

Unlike the dry county / wet county and guns references (or gay marriage, etc), this particular case uses the fact that marijuana remains illegal under federal law.

The suit should prod US Congress to pass a law explicitly allowing Colorado and Washington to self regulate marijuana.

If that happens, it's all good, the Nebraskas actually move the ball forward by removing the legal dichotomy.

I'd think Congress could do that. They might be chicken to actually remove the federal law, but they could explicitly create an exemption for state law since there is no Constitutional (civil rights) issue at stake. And it's because it's a commerce issue more than a rights issue, it doesn't belong in Courts in the first place. If Congress cannot act on it one way or the other, it must be just as dysfunctional as its members claim and agree it is.

Comment: Time Out, Theaters Decision =/ Sony (Score 1) 580

by retroworks (#48626257) Attached to: Reaction To the Sony Hack Is 'Beyond the Realm of Stupid'
For the record, Sony Pictures did not cancel the release in response to the hacker threats. The five theater chains cancelled showings in response to those threats. Sony Pictures then indefinitely postponed the "release date". The article and most of the comments here are misstating what happened. The Theaters may or may not be "idiotic" but after the lawsuits from the Colorado Batman Joker killers its not quite "idiotic" to demonstrate due diligence to the threat.

Comment: Re:Sooner or Later ... (Score 1) 182

by retroworks (#48625105) Attached to: US Links North Korea To Sony Hacking

"It couldn't cost as much as Afganistan."

...Until they nuke Samsung or Hyundai or Seoul or Incheon. They don't really need an intercontinental rocket to mess the world economy up. And while this will be hugely unpopular (strapping my brass balls on for the mod-downs), this was actually the neo-con case for taking Saddam Hussein out, that he would EVENTUALLY be in the position that Kim Jong-un is in, with just enough WMD to threaten Saudi Arabia and thus the world economy. I'm not defending how it turned out, leading to ISIS etc, but for the record the neocons made a rational case that once a despot invades (Kuwait, Sony HQ), that they establish their willingness to use whatever weapon they find in the future. Iran incidentally still may pass that test, I don't know. India and Pakistan do (have weapons but little evidence of irrational Putin-esque border challenges).

Comment: Streisand Effect x Kim Jong-un Effect (Score 1) 586

by retroworks (#48622637) Attached to: Top Five Theaters Won't Show "The Interview" Sony Cancels Release
Seeing how often Hollywood remakes movies, and how much attention Kim Jong-un has given this particular picture, it may become the Oedipus Rex or Nutcracker of the next century. After this blows over, Sony's going to rake in the DVD and rebroadcast and international sales, and North Korea will redefine the "Streisand Effect"

Comment: Anti-Aging is a Fraud Magnet (Score 5, Interesting) 175

by retroworks (#48615173) Attached to: Researchers Accidentally Discover How To Turn Off Skin Aging Gene

On the one hand, this could be huge. On the other hand, let's see the peer reviewed articles. Remember "resveratrol"? After seeing resveratrol covered by CBS 60 Minutes, etc, I bought some tablets, based on the similar mouse aging claims. Interesting history in describes how the mouse aging study led to $720M investment by GlaxoSmithKline. Once the money started rushing in, it went quacky...

"In 2012, the University of Connecticut announced that it had concluded that Dipak K. Das, Ph.D., a professor in its Department of Surgery and director of the Cardiovascular Research Center, was guilty of 145 counts of fabrication and falsification of data and that the university had notified eleven journals about this problem [20]. In recent years, Das had gained attention for his reports on allegedly beneficial properties of resveratrol. As of March 2014, journals had retracted 20 of his papers, many of which were repeatedly cited by others [21]. Das died in 2013."

Some interesting research is still going on, tangentially from the resveratrol research. But the way anti-aging anything gets marketed, suspicion always seems warranted.

+ - Sony Pictures Leak Reveals Quashed Plan to Upload Phony Torrents->

Submitted by retroworks
retroworks (652802) writes "Motherboard.vice offers an interesting scoop from the hacked Sony Pictures email trove. A plan championed by Polish marketing employee Magda Mastalerz was to upload false versions of highly-pirated Sony programming, effectively polluting torrent sites with false positives. For example, a “Hannibal”-themed anti-piracy ad to popular torrent sites disguised as the first episode. Sony Pictures legal department quashed the idea, saying that if pirate sites were illegal, it would also be illegal for Sony Pictures to upload onto them.

There were plans in WW2 to drop phony counterfeit currency to disrupt markets, and I wonder why flooding underground markets with phony products isn't widespread. Why don't credit card companies manufacture fake lists of stolen credit card numbers, or phony social security numbers, for illegal trading sites? For that matter, would fake ivory, fake illegal porn, and other "false positives" discourage buyers? Or create alibis? or distract police."

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Comment: Put your money into speakers (Score 5, Insightful) 433

by retroworks (#48593939) Attached to: Vinyl Record Pressing Plants Struggle To Keep Up With Demand
Ah, yes.... I rather vaguely remember a series of experiments I attended a couple of decades ago. My colleagues and I participated in several hours-long, herb-fueled, analysis sessions comparing cassette tape, CDs, and vinyl, with and without equalizers. We listened in sessions controlling for acoustic, heavy metal, synthesizer, etc.. I'm pretty sure the committee's conclusion was "put the money into the speakers". But I think we forgot to write it down anywhere.

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