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Comment: Hang on... (Score 4, Informative) 1246

by retro128 (#26908553) Attached to: Student Arrested For Classroom Texting

Before everyone goes spouting off about how we're becoming a police state, has anyone (including submitter) bothered to read the linked police report? The cop refers to "prior negative contacts" with this person for both him and the administration. The chick ignores the teachers, lies to the cops, and brazenly continues to text in class. It's too bad the cops had to waste cycles getting involved, but judging from the police report the school personnel were at the end of their rope.

Comment: Re:we will NOT have flying cars (Score 1) 315

by retro128 (#26420241) Attached to: Flying Car Ready To Take Off

I'm still up in their air as to whether Moller's creation is going to get legs, but you can't really compare what he's doing to a Harrier. Moller's Skycar uses fans powered by rotary engines, NOT vectored thrust from a turbofan like the Harrier does, so there's no surface blistering.

As far as the public being "too stupid" to own flying cars, they were saying much the same things about those novel playthings if the rich, the horseless carriage, when they first started rolling out. Too complicated, too expensive, and too difficult to operate for the average person, they said. Until Henry Ford came along, that is.

I contend that not only will flying cars happen, they are inevitable. In our lifetimes though? That's another story. The biggest hurdle is that the air traffic control system is set up a certain way that doesn't facilitate controlled skylanes. Training, enforcement, where to take off and land, systems to deal with IFR conditions, computer guidance, etc are all factors that need to come into play to make it happen. The FAA is the biggest hurdle to all of this, and if anything will kill the flying car for the foreseeable future, it's them.

[Crash programs] fail because they are based on the theory that, with nine women pregnant, you can get a baby a month. -- Wernher von Braun