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by retech (#47429071) Attached to: SpaceX Wins FAA Permission To Build a Spaceport In Texas
Used to. The published numbers just do not show the reality. Between friends and family in B-ville and McAllen and knowing the number of shootings and car bombings they've witnessed, not one of them get's to the news. Hell, at my job down there, (worked for the state) we were told to NOT post any stuff on social media like: "OMG there was a shooting outside the mall today." One morning there was a shootout at the mall, 3 ppl hit. I thought surely this would make the news. Not a word of it anywhere.

Comment: Hope their hull is bulletproof. (Score 3, Interesting) 46

by retech (#47428805) Attached to: SpaceX Wins FAA Permission To Build a Spaceport In Texas
Took a job in Brownsville. Left Detroit. Flew down there. In the course of 6 months... The university campus was closed because of a cartel fight that saw bullets crossing the border and hitting classrooms. The daily headcount of dumped bodies (on either side) was greater than Detroit's. Crossed, over to go out to eat. The building across the street had two grenades lobbed into it while we ate. Mind you, this was less than .5 miles from Brownsville.

The area that they want to build (actually have been building for a while now) is flooded during spring break with high school and university kids. It's cheap, beach, and poorly patrolled. If you work for them, you'll have to live in Brownsville and deal with the beach crap for 6 weeks a year.

I really cannot think of a less desirable location to build this "space port".

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by retech (#47274755) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Bequeath Sensitive Information?
You could send them an encrypted file (#1) now with all the info you wish to share with them. Along with a password for a file that will arrive when you die. Then set up a service like and have another encrypted file sent to them (#2). The password they already possess unlocks #2 and that contains the password(s) for #1.

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by retech (#47056103) Attached to: eBay Compromised
As I stated, NO ALERTS in my account. So perhaps you should learn to read. Since you missed the major portion of what I wrote.

This may indicate that a specified group of ebay users are affected and is NOT site wide. But you'll miss this too since it's obviously implied and not spelled out letter by letter.

I appreciate that you're an asshole and Aspergers makes it hard to communicate. Perhaps 4chan is more your thing.

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So why not use it but with wrong info? I caved because I was losing contact with some people that only network via social media. They got tired of emails and were impossible to get on a phone. My profile has nothing of importance. No location info. And all the data I did put in is wrong, grossly wrong. I never message directly with detailed info, I will just reply telling them to swap to email. This works for both of us. And harvesters have a very good set of data on me. It's just all wrong.

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by retech (#46820373) Attached to: Google's Project Ara Could Bring PC-Like Hardware Ecosystem To Phones
It'll be way too expensive to have a build your own phone. And it's not what the majority of consumers want. Apple has proven this time and time again. An unserviceable phone, an unserviceable tablet, and now unserviceable laptops. None of which have the simplest of battery swaps available (hell even the ram is soldered on board now in the MBPs). They've built the largest computer (mostly mobile) empire on hardware that is idiot proof and has no options. This is what consumers want. A build your own phone would be fun, but just not practical and way too expensive.

I'll get slammed, I know. Fanbois unite and all that. Oddly enough I'm typing this on a 5yr old MBP that I will lament when it finally goes. I don't like ios and most likely will never upgrade since I do not like their new models. I know this one has been through a lot with me and performed flawlessly. I've done some hardware hacks and it's been fun.

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I guess my grandma reads /. now. Since that seems to be the demographic you're targeting.

There was once a time that I got about 65% of my news from /.. I enjoyed the topics and the discussions were often as informative as the stories, sometimes more. This is just not the case anymore. /. has degraded to just an old grocery store check out line rag. Very little actual content. Scare tactic headlines. You know the drill.

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