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+ - Star Trek Enterprise D Bridge Restoration->

Submitted by MrYingster
MrYingster writes: A group of people are working on restoring the set of the bridge from the beloved Star Trek Enterprise D. The set in question is actually the one used in Star Trek The Experience in Las Vegas for many years. The original set was completely destroyed during the filming of Star Trek Generations. They intend to use Kick Starter to get the necessary fundings for a full restoration. The following is from their Facebook page.
”A highly skilled group of Hollywood professionals are in the process of completely restoring this set to it’s original splendor, and MAKE IT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC for Meetings, Movie Showings, Fund Raisers, Tours, Filming, anything!! Eventually, we will be doing a KICKSTARTER Campaign, but only after we have the estimates of restoration PLUS the support and STAR TREK ACTORS plus famous fans of the show.”

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Comment: Re:9V != 18W (Score 1) 366

by retaj (#29368575) Attached to: Teenager Invents Cheap Solar Panel From Human Hair

Here are some other choice headlines from the Daily Mail's front page:

Alone in the world: First picture of two-day-old baby Rosie found dumped in some bushes

'I never wear sunscreen', says former Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson as she reveals her ageing face

Family's heartbreak after dog that went missing while they were on holiday is rehomed within seven days

Comment: Re:Liars and Thieves Hate The Light Of Inquiry (Score 1) 390

by retaj (#22123242) Attached to: EPA Asserts Executive Privilege In CA Emissions Case
The policy of this administration has been to wield executive privilege in every case possible. They tried to hide Cheney's meetings with oil industry executives for his energy task force with this principle. This is because it's politically damaging for the people to know just how much they wrote energy policy. It's embarrassing for the people to know how many times convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff visited, so they claim executive privilege.
It's no surprise the cowardly practice is continuing for auto industry visits for this policy move. If sunshine were shown, then the policy rats would have to scurry away.

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