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Comment: I use the Mediasonic ProBox BUT... (Score 3, Interesting) 210

by rei_slashdot (#28429813) Attached to: Best eSATA JBOD?
...I can't get the manufacturer to acknowledge or confirm that there is problem when copying between hard drives in the same enclosure. Windows hangs and eventually the Event Logs show "device is not connected" or some sort of issue. Copying between drive and the motherboard's SATA drives works fine but it always hangs/times-out/becomes inaccessible after a random amount of transfer. It's surprisingly well put-together without looking tacky and well-priced but this copying issue between drives inside it is a pain. Transfer between drives inside it seem to work without a hitch using slower USB. It syncs with your PC's power so if the PC goes off, the box goes to sleep and wakes up when the PC power is restored.

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