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Comment: Re:Linux and windows have vulnerabilities (Score 5, Insightful) 72

by rehtonAesoohC (#46337551) Attached to: New iOS Keylogging Vulnerability Discovered
You can't assume that because android also has multi-tasking that it also has a security vulnerability... It's a completely different system with completely different designs. That's like saying that because an apple has skin that you should also eat people too.

Comment: I got it! (Score 1) 278

by rehtonAesoohC (#39197025) Attached to: What The DHS Is Looking For In Your Posts
I know why they are terrorist looking for those bomb seemingly nuclear innocuous words!

I think jihad maybe someone is just really sensitive to social network sites creating terror plots nerve agent. I know sometimes I plume overreact when I see something Center for Disease Control (CDC) that I don't really understand swine, and maybe we should give them a little slack Abu Sayyaf.

Comment: Re:In reality, not a whole lot... (Score 1) 202

by rehtonAesoohC (#34462526) Attached to: Google Launches Nexus S Phone In UK and US

The UI for it isn't always great or consistent

Yeah that's exactly what I was referring to. For instance, in the GMail application, you have to go to Menu --> More --> Select Text.

In Gingerbread, you will be able to do a long-press on any app to bring up the Text Selection menu. It isn't this way in 2.2.1 and earlier.

Comment: In reality, not a whole lot... (Score 3, Interesting) 202

by rehtonAesoohC (#34461792) Attached to: Google Launches Nexus S Phone In UK and US
Maybe this is a Gingerbread gripe moreso than a Nexus S gripe, but there aren't that many great features added.

No phones have an NFC chip at all, so uh... thanks? Also, the Nexus S isn't geared towards gaining consumers, I think it's more geared towards developers. The big things that are great are:

1) Text Selection (FINALLY!)
2) VoIP and SIP stack (yeahhhhhh! Incoming video chat apps)
3) New dalvik improvements for speed.

Everything else is fluff.

Comment: FOR THE HORDE! (Score 1) 268

by rehtonAesoohC (#31176862) Attached to: <em>StarCraft II</em> Closed Beta Begins
Oh wait, wrong game...

Entaro Tassadar! Ahh yeah that's the right game. Does anyone know if the closed beta is under a restrictive NDA?

Also, knowing Blizzard's excessive tinkering, and the fact that we are already almost halfway through the first half (50% of 50%) of 2010, I find it highly unlikely that the game will be released "in the first half of 2010."

Comment: Here's an idea! (Score 1, Interesting) 175

by rehtonAesoohC (#30954778) Attached to: Google To Pay $500 For Bugs Found In Chromium
What they should really do is up the dollar amount by a small margin every time someone finds a bug and is rewarded - maybe on a logarithmic curve?

The idea being that once more and more bugs are discovered, the number of bugs left to discover will diminish, and people will have less incentive to find bugs, even though major flaws may still exist in some form. So the one person who finds the whopper of a bug five years from now could get $100,000...

Comment: And here is what Apple does marvelously! (Score 0, Flamebait) 531

by rehtonAesoohC (#30954570) Attached to: Has Apple Created the Perfect Board Game Platform?
I have karma to burn, so what the hey.

Apple doesn't create innovative products anymore. They've created a platform where they shift the onus of innovation onto their userbase, and then hope that people submit ideas and apps that are innovative, thereby reaping the benefit. Fairly genius move actually, but it reminds me of one of the best comedic movies ever: Tommy Boy.

If you want me to take a dump in a box and mark it guaranteed, I will - I got spare time...

Everyone, buy an iPad so we can all keep eating shit in a box from Apple!

Comment: Re:I don't have a degree... (Score 1) 844

by rehtonAesoohC (#30905404) Attached to: Is Programming a Lucrative Profession?
Interesting! That is basically exactly what happened to me. I first started working at $46k or so, stayed there for 4 years, then got a better offer for a different company at $70k for one year, and then moved on to a new company now at $90k. The first job is always the slippery one, but once you get enough years of experience to equal a degree for HR not to throw a fit, I have found most hiring managers don't care.

Comment: I don't have a degree... (Score 3, Informative) 844

by rehtonAesoohC (#30903738) Attached to: Is Programming a Lucrative Profession?
...and my salary is $90,000.

I work in the Washington DC area, and something like only 1% of programmers in this area are employed with no degree, but it can be done, and lack of a degree doesn't have to have an impact on salary. It certainly can, but it all depends on the company you choose to work for.

Comment: Re:Missing the E-ink point. (Score 1) 70

by rehtonAesoohC (#30833030) Attached to: Asus DR-570 E-Reader To Bring OLED Display
Well, that and the screen doesn't have to refresh. I absolutely love reading books on my Nook, and I have found that I tear through e-books much faster than paperbacks. I know for a fact that if I had to read on an LCD or OLED screen even, I wouldn't be able to read for extended periods of time, and I would just go back to reading real books...

Nobody's gonna believe that computers are intelligent until they start coming in late and lying about it.