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Comment: Re:Are these annual "Summers of Code" really usefu (Score 5, Informative) 84

by refactorator (#35582508) Attached to: Google Names Winners For Summer of Code 2011
incredibly useful. This is hands down the most easy way for us (JavaPathfinder) to get interns funded, and students are generally very motivated. For example, from GSoC'10 we got an interactive debugger interface for the model checker ala gdb - serious stuff. The most valuable thing for us is to learn about new talent. We even hired some of them subsequently, which was much better to justify on the basis of successful GSoC projects.

Comment: ARCs Java Pathfinder open source dev since 2005 (Score 1) 49

by refactorator (#35461572) Attached to: NASA To Host Open Source Summit
And this was not just a toss-over-the-fence. Most of the projects on are actually maintained by external collaborators, and JPF just applied for its 3rd Google Summer of Code participation. With all the domestic and international research collaborations this has been a good success story for NASA.

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