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Comment Re:Collapse (Score 3, Interesting) 140

Actually, without any 'enforcement' at all, the average woman in the U.S has a fertility rate of 1.6, which is actually less than the replacement rate need for a stable population even if we eliminate old age. If it wasn't for immigration we'd be losing population. Virtually all 'advanced economies' are the same.

Comment Re:Rate of use (Score 3, Insightful) 328

Did you read the article?

The data showed that 7.6% of crash-involved drivers tested positive for marijuana or THC, versus 6.1% of the control group. In raw terms, that would suggest that marijuana was associated with a 25% increased chance of crashing. But it's not that simple: the figures have to be adjusted for other factors possibly contributing to crash risk, including the driver's gender and age.

As it happens, males and young drivers have higher crash rates than females and older drivers; they're also more likely to be marijuana users. And once these factors are corrected for, "the significant increased risk of crash involvement associated with THC...is not found." The same outcome was determined for other drugs tested for, including sedatives, antidepressants, and stimulants.

Contributing to the doubts about marijuana's effect on auto safety was the inadequacy of the testing. Pot, like other drugs, can continue to show up in test samples for days or weeks after it's used, meaning that some subjects found to have THC in their systems may have been well past the period of impairment.

Comment Re:If they were balancing the federal budget (Score 1, Interesting) 825

The biggest 'hole' in the federal budget is $200 billion dollars a year in unfunded Medicare costs, most of which is because of Medicare Advantage and Part D, both of which were passed with a partisan GOP vote without any funding save for new debt. Overall that largess has had America's future generation pump more than 2 trillions into today's GOP voting seniors. Sure paying off two trillion in debt isn't a bad idea, but that does nothing to plug the GOP debt hole in the first place. The best idea would be to plug it in a separate bill. Using this 'one time' money for over due transportation programs is bound to generation at least 10 times the cost in economic activity.

Comment Re:Kinda Like Cryogenesis for Humans ... (Score 1) 83

Actually, we freeze human eggs (sometimes even fertilized) all the time these days. Seeds of plant are also frozen and the later planted. The only real 'trick' is to have a place to properly grow them. If an animal species is completely wiped out, it might be hard to find a good host to carry it to term, so an incubator might need to be developed, but it does mitigate the genetic problems that come from a small surviving group.

Comment Re:Who cares about rotational speed these days? (Score 1) 190


Actually, RAID can be used to speed up access and/or to survive a disk failure (depending on setup). While important in case of major disaster, restoring from backup generally knocks out the service altogether, while a simple (and fairly common in large data centers) disk failure wouldn't even be noticed by anyone but a system admin with a RAID designed to tolerate it.

Comment Re:Eh (Score 1) 681

In any group of 23 or more people, there's a 50% chance two will have the same birthday.

While it's an interesting idea, I'm not really sure how it applies. The 'birthday in common' is only between two of the group and is an 'equally probable date' rather than a specific one. So even if Jesus was one of the group, there is only a small chance he'd be of the pair with matching birthdays.

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