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Comment: ECS LIVA (Score 3, Informative) 59

by redelm (#49134401) Attached to: Intel Updates NUC Mini PC Line With Broadwell-U, Tested and Benchmarked

I looked at these NUC, but happily settled on the ECS LIVA. It doesn't have SATA, but the USB3 works and the internal 32 SSD is fast enough. Alot less $$$.

I run mine caseless, and it is really like a x86_64 RPi (even the RPi2 is not fast enough to run even chrome).

Comment: CONTEMPT of Court (Score 2) 241

by redelm (#49110945) Attached to: In Florida, Secrecy Around Stingray Leads To Plea Bargain For a Robber

Congrats to the defense team for spotting this hole in the prosecution. Public defenders are not as bad as the media portray.

I'm not sure why the cop tech was not hit with fines & jail for contempt of court. No private agreement (even with FBI) trumps civil let alone criminal discovery. The DA probably settled to avoid the FBI repo'ing the Stingray (it was likely on loan).

Comment: Re:Last week ... (Score 2, Informative) 290

by redelm (#49106965) Attached to: How Walking With Smartphones May Have Changed Pedestrian Etiquette

You might be right or you might be wrong: Most places, traffic entering an intersection on the green must yield to traffic already in the intersection. That would include yielding to a pedestrian who got half-way across unless the crosswalk was clearly two-phases (London), usually with railings.

Of course smart pedestrians expect aggressive drivers. And smart drivers know better than to blow through fresh greens.

Comment: Predatory Optimum (Score 1) 532

by redelm (#49096433) Attached to: Stephen Hawking: Biggest Human Failing Is Aggression

Man is at the top of planetary food-chains (neglecting the microbial predators). So he preys upon himself (aggression).

Excessive aggression is obviously sub-optimal with too much productive resources diverted to defense. Insufficient aggression might also be sub-optimal by increasing episodic payoffs ("jackpots") to renaissant aggression (classic predator-prey population cycling).

If you cannot totally eliminate aggression, then you should find an optimum lest it return with a vengence.

Comment: Aspheric lenses ! (Score 1) 24

by redelm (#49095595) Attached to: Smart Rendering For Virtual Reality

If there is a optical problem, why not solve it rather than trying to get software to (maybe) compensate and eat up battery life?

Just design aspheric lenses specifically for the headsets. Yes, the injection molds might be a bit more complex, but I believe these have to be CNC anyways. A bit more setup, but no production cost increase.

Comment: Re:Posterboy for FULLY INFORMED JURIES (Score 1) 257

by redelm (#48986643) Attached to: Ross Ulbricht Found Guilty On All 7 Counts In Silk Road Trial

That's fine, anyone is free to leave at any time. The oblique reference to Godwin doesn't work, this is just the same sort of ad-hominem that Godwin rejects.

I'm not sure FIJA is the only or main problem in US criminal justice, but _something_is_: why can US DAs routinely get 90+% convictions whilst UK Crown Prosecutors struggle to get 70%? US with substantially higher incarceration rates, no less! UK cops or barristers sloppyier? UK crooks cagier? Absent some other explanation, I put it down to cowed US juries.

Comment: Re:And which law would you have them nullify? (Score 1) 257

by redelm (#48984533) Attached to: Ross Ulbricht Found Guilty On All 7 Counts In Silk Road Trial

Perhaps you are confunding "states nullification" of unconstitutional laws with "jury nullification" that is much broader, and is for any case where application of the law could lead to an unjust result. No one expect a jury to be constitutional experts, while state legislatures might have such expertise.

It turns very much on the question of what level of knowledge reachs the level of criminal "knowingly". Did he monitor transactions in real-time and encourage (cut fees) on some? Police profit (civil forfeiture) and so do cell-providers (burners).

An ethical DA would have put nullification directly in front of the jury, for them to decide. But too many of ours have corrupt drive to win. Fewer in the UK (for now).

Comment: Posterboy for FULLY INFORMED JURIES (Score 0, Troll) 257

by redelm (#48983867) Attached to: Ross Ulbricht Found Guilty On All 7 Counts In Silk Road Trial

If ever there was a case that cried out for JURY NULLIFICATION by fully informed juries, this is it.

He and his Silk Road may have been helping illegal activities to some extent. The persecutors [sic] certainly thought so. As do the police when they bust competitors. But a jury has the right to examine both law and facts, in this case to determine whether the help performed was actually criminal, no matter what the law said.

In refusing to thoroughly instruct the jury, the judge tampered with it! Just because SCOTUS has ruled nullification does not _have_ be to instructed does not mean it should not be.

Comment: Why would you expect to know EXACTLY ? (Score 4, Informative) 87

by redelm (#48976099) Attached to: Novel Fluorinated Compounds Discovered In Firefighters' Blood

We hardly know everything that is in gasoline (about a hundred compounds, mostly C4-C9 isomers). Jet fuel is more complex and diesel (C10-C20) is just too far gone.

Why would you expect to know the exact isomers (and recemization) in a fluorinated organic? The fluorine will go on in various places. And even if you think you know, it will change once thermally cracked at fire temperatures.

Mostly harmless, but there will be the odd one with just the wrong geometry to do somethink nasty, like the way BPA binds estrogen receptors.

Comment: High School Physics/Chemistry (Score 1) 239

by redelm (#48954107) Attached to: NFL Asks Columbia University For Help With Deflate-Gate

PV=nRT : A ball that is found at 10.5 psig (25.2 psia) at 35'F will be at the regulation minimum pressure 12.5 psig at 74'F. Perfectly reasonable.

The non-idealities are red-herrings: deviations for Ideal Gas Law are tiny (10ppm?) at this low a pressure and warm a temperature (relative to critical for nitrogen & oxygen). Cold leather shrinks the football pressure boundary, increasing pressure. Condensation might drop pressure 0.5 psi further if the fill-air was saturated from a steamy locker room or grunting ball-boy exhale.

The point is, this doesn't take a PhD. In fact, a pHd may be too focussed and miss something like the condensation.

Comment: Only from a Professor of Constitutional Law ! (Score 1) 825

by redelm (#48952443) Attached to: Obama Proposes One-Time Tax On $2 Trillion US Companies Hold Overseas

Yes, this is DOA to a Republican Congress. As for rhetorical [d]effectiveness, please consider the irony of the Feds trying to impose a property tax or alternatively an ex-post facto law (retroactively taxing past earnings.)

If a former professor of Constitutional Law could shred it without so much as a passing mention, what does that say about the man's character?

Comment: Raspbian vulnerable (Score 5, Informative) 211

by redelm (#48918175) Attached to: Serious Network Function Vulnerability Found In Glibc

According to directions side-thread, glibc versions prior to 2.19 are vulnerable. Checking my machines, Slackware-current and Lubuntu-14.10 are fine. Only my poor tiny Raspberry Pis are vulnerable (2.13). But they run slowly enough I can watch the gethostbyname() lookups myself :)

Comment: Re:What about bandwidth OUT of the concentrator ?? (Score 1) 255

by redelm (#48906803) Attached to: Verizon, Cable Lobby Oppose Spec-Bump For Broadband Definition
Apologies, I meant "guarantees" in a rhetorical not legalistic sense.

Shared media contention (10base2, unswitched 10baseT) collisions are somewhat different from saturated upload throttling download (ACK delays). As you point out, topography can help the former but the latter needs something smarter (QoS?)

I believe the current "cloud" service model puts _much_ heavier stress on upload as devices sync large photo and video files. So asymmetric services are out-of-balance.

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