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Comment: it's all about advancement of society (Score 1) 181

by recharged95 (#48126859) Attached to: The Cult of Elon Musk Shines With Steve Jobs' Aura

Guys, it's advancement of society based on our social judgement.

Gates, Jobs, Brin and Page and similar folks will be found by history to be the Henry Ford's of our time. Addressing problems of the many by bringing forward solutions of the affluent to everyone (e.g. bring access to the masses).

Musk, Bezos, maybe, just maybe Zuckerberg (or likely not) will be found by history to be the Howard Hughes and Disney's of our time. Addressing pure world problems by tackling it with new approaches (e.g. a new way of thinking).

Both groups, still, use disruption and innovation as their tool much like their fore-bearers.

I'm still waiting for the next Einstein--I'm yearning for a new way of thinking in these times, an unorthodox way.

Comment: Re:Oe noes! A compiler bug! (Score 1) 739

by recharged95 (#47554369) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: "GCC 4.9.0 Seems To Be Terminally Broken"

Bingo, if my large project (kernel) relied on something and it broke, I'd be furious too from a technical standpoint, but from a team, dev-to-dev standpoint, if the GCC folks knew of a bug--it's just that--fix it as team.

No different on the rainy day of your wedding--everyone still works together to get it done and no hard feelings.

Just another emotional day at the office.

Comment: Re:Good? (Score 2) 273

Wealthier and frequent flyers will all sign up and get whisked efficiently to where they are going,

Of course, if Google also builds their own roads. Otherwise, we're sitting in the same traffic.

It's not about the service, nor the cars. It's about the infrastructure they are both running on.... the roads and whos going to really pay for them. Who uses the road more maybe a compromise (in fees). Otherwise, someone could be getting a free lunch in taxes that is...

Comment: do your research folks (Score 1) 58

by recharged95 (#47336207) Attached to: The Military Is About To Get New Augmented Reality Spy Glasses

Hey, let's write a article with nothing but buzzwords:

Oculus Rift
Google Glass
San Francisco

WTF? These have nothing to do with the heavy/HD crappy (1080p not so good 1" away) Rift, Unusable [and 'jerk' label] Glass, Spies? This is DoD C4i not the CIA, and of course... all the geekdom in frisco (World revolves around Frisco... according to Silicon Valley).

These are glamified knock offs to the Epson Moverio. Right down to the snap-in tinted shades. Don't know what it is? Look it up. And you can buy them now (I have a pair). They are basically OSDs, which the military needs. That is all. Yes they are cool, but really, all that above hype wasn't needed.

Heck hype it up when the 1st killer app comes out. No pun intended.

Comment: Re:We want driverless cars TODAY! (Score 1) 216

by recharged95 (#47250581) Attached to: US Agency Aims To Regulate Map Aids In Vehicles

Yeah, and the regulation mess will shift to the DOT/NHSTA/B, which is already knee deep in the drones world (think: FAA appeal) and causing havoc to drone users. Oh also an autonomous car is essentially... a ground drone.

We're not going to get rid of this regulation interest: basically, gov't has a regulation itch to the current mobility and drone/autonomous robot scratch that the public has. And unless they show some flexibility to let these technologies grow--it will be DOA. Gov't is obviously playing catchup.

Comment: No different from the Drones (Score 1) 314

by recharged95 (#47227943) Attached to: California Regulators Tell Ride-Shares No Airport Runs

It's about who gets the business and who holds the insurance.

In the drone world, you got established companies: DoD/Aerospace/Big Defense selling UAVs at 100K+ figures where a 15K unit can do better. And you get all these commercial startups and hobbyists are 9 out of 10 times flying with out insurance.... and if they do have insurance--how is an insurance company really going to pay out when your 2K DJI flies away and causes a car accident with million dollar lawsuits, e.g. a fatality in the middle of San Francisco's mission district? There's a reason the rocketry guys aren't flying their aerial cameras via launching the estes model unit in the local walmart parking lot.

These car sharing services, mind that all the resource sharing services (airbnb and aereo come to mind) have the same 2 problems: uneven competition (maybe fair OR unfair--courts will decide) to established businesses and regs, and when something goes wrong, who pays? You think uber has a walk in the park with safety and insurance? These are not mutually exclusive problems, but more tightly coupled than one would think.

Hence as a devil's advocate, Airports are controlled areas, congested x10, and have all sorts of complexities: emergency evac, pedestrians, basic security, basic logistics, lots of people not familiar with the area and a controlled taxi system. All that plays into the 2 above needs... and as like the drone world, safety is used as easy justification to put a kibosh on the whole deal.

Comment: Bitscope (Score 1) 172

by recharged95 (#47226175) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: PC-Based Oscilloscopes On a Microbudget?

They have a new product for under 150.

But I've been very happy with my Bitscope 10 + assortment of probes (if you can spring for that). Does everything, s/w is a bit 00's (features), but rock solid and has an API for writing your own software. If you can spring the extra 150, you can just get a real scope+analyzer vs high latency toy. Have used them on both Windows and Linux, no issues.

Comment: professional (Score 1) 153

by recharged95 (#47139423) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Inspired You To Start Hacking?

What got you started?

I guess I started at a place called No Such Agency in the early 00's and didn't realize it until the Snowden stuff came out... go figure.

I hack for entertainment (that is the entertainment industry) nowadays...

Funny thing is I sat in the TechLA conference and the main attitude/topic of the organizers was "hacking big data". WTF? Is the term hacking a buzzword now, i.e. the next 'social' or the new 'bubble'?

Comment: Less of two evils (Score 2) 108

a. that's a 35K copter with NO GPS (the older models didn;t have it, though this could be retro fitted) and if upgraded, has hold position and that's it.
b. that 35K copter can be trumped by a @2K DJI phantom setup--if LAPD paid over 10K for that, I say it's a complete RIP OFF.
c. LA is a urban canyon in most places, GPS and RF will likely be a question--so the use will likely be limited.
d. does LAPD have a COA?

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