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Comment: big media driving it's agenda...and wrong again (Score 1) 375

by recharged95 (#48503395) Attached to: The Cashless Society? It's Already Coming

article talks about license, cash, credit cards.... replacing the wallet... that's not going to happen. Men will carry wallets (for other stuff) and women will carry handbags (cause it's fashionable and again... other stuff).

NYT's got it wrong, again.

It's not about the wallet being replaced, but the dawn of the Global ID that we'll all have. All the disruptiveness in the valley is pointing at this solution being available in the future.

The world of Logan's Run is coming, due to the sake of convenience (your own UUID can pay, be a license, etc...) and security (can be monitored atomically). We, the people, need to make sure and demand protection laws are in place so we don't end up with a Logan's Run society. Stuff like Apple pay are ignoring that aspect and just being rushed to market (in the cover of "beta"). And don't count on the folks in DC, corporations, or rich guys being nice (foundations) making sure fair "rules and mitigation" practices are in place.

Comment: Experience says (Score 1) 197

by recharged95 (#48423037) Attached to: Is a Moral Compass a Hindrance Or a Help For Startups?

"Is a Moral Compass a Hinderance Or a Help For Startups?"

Having worked for several startups to large Fortune 50 companies, I'll fit this into Silicon Valley's 2 common choices that directly tie into their exit strategies:

a. sell the company/IP business plan: No (don't need morals)
b. IPO strategy business plan: Yes (cause you're trying to sustain the company, hence its business philosophy)

Comment: Re:Question for btrfs users... (Score 1) 42

by recharged95 (#48327839) Attached to: OpenSUSE 13.2 Released

So far so good. I've been running 13.2RC1 since its release. no issues with btrfs. Main issues I have is wireless connection issues (doesn't connect sometimes) and gnome3 with my touchscreen keyboard.... keeps disposing once I start using it. There's 1-2 things about gnome, if they were fixed, would be excellent on a touchscreen.

Comment: Re:Anything radioactive explode in the boom? (Score 2) 443

by recharged95 (#48257677) Attached to: Antares Rocket Explodes On Launch

Having worked for their GN&C team, it's usually due to cost cutting. OSC has been on the lower cost side to support all those NASA science and non-DOD missions--which are done on shoestring budgets.

OSC has been able to prove resuse/integration vs ground up designs can be as effective, it's just they are losing sight that QC is more important than monte carlo simulations (which sells in that business). Likely due to gov't pressure to keep the same processes in the face of SpaceX's clean sheet approach.

From the video, sure looks like a mechanical failure, not fuel pump, not control software, not ops error. Definitely a black eye for a good team of folks and a lot of questions.

Comment: Similar issues to ou favorite tech: Drones (Score 1) 320

by recharged95 (#48246399) Attached to: What Will It Take To Make Automated Vehicles Legal In the US?

If Drones the autonomous ones I'm working on can give you any indication, it's going to be some time.

The gov't is having a beef about FPV and manned drone flight. I already know they will have a heart attack on the autonomous ones... sort of says what they're going to think about fully autonomous cars... which uses essentially the same tech and concepts.

Comment: Re:"not so much as a default wallpaper" (Score 3, Interesting) 110

by recharged95 (#48216875) Attached to: Ubuntu 14.10 Released With Ambitious Name, But Small Changes

On a touchscreen laptop, one may want to try either:
Fedora 21 (when it's out)
OpenSuse 13.2 (RC1 or when it's out)


Wayland, though stiil buggy in opensuse (but functional in Fedora alpha), is a gamechanger for Linux desktops. It is very fast/effficient.
Gnome 3.14 finally looks/is stable, polished and works very well with touchscreens for gestures and such. Gnome maybe has redeemed some trust in this release.
Latest kernel with laptop power management is much improved in these versions(though the same could be said for ubuntu)

Comment: it's all about advancement of society (Score 1) 181

by recharged95 (#48126859) Attached to: The Cult of Elon Musk Shines With Steve Jobs' Aura

Guys, it's advancement of society based on our social judgement.

Gates, Jobs, Brin and Page and similar folks will be found by history to be the Henry Ford's of our time. Addressing problems of the many by bringing forward solutions of the affluent to everyone (e.g. bring access to the masses).

Musk, Bezos, maybe, just maybe Zuckerberg (or likely not) will be found by history to be the Howard Hughes and Disney's of our time. Addressing pure world problems by tackling it with new approaches (e.g. a new way of thinking).

Both groups, still, use disruption and innovation as their tool much like their fore-bearers.

I'm still waiting for the next Einstein--I'm yearning for a new way of thinking in these times, an unorthodox way.

Comment: Re:Oe noes! A compiler bug! (Score 1) 739

by recharged95 (#47554369) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: "GCC 4.9.0 Seems To Be Terminally Broken"

Bingo, if my large project (kernel) relied on something and it broke, I'd be furious too from a technical standpoint, but from a team, dev-to-dev standpoint, if the GCC folks knew of a bug--it's just that--fix it as team.

No different on the rainy day of your wedding--everyone still works together to get it done and no hard feelings.

Just another emotional day at the office.

Comment: Re:Good? (Score 2) 273

Wealthier and frequent flyers will all sign up and get whisked efficiently to where they are going,

Of course, if Google also builds their own roads. Otherwise, we're sitting in the same traffic.

It's not about the service, nor the cars. It's about the infrastructure they are both running on.... the roads and whos going to really pay for them. Who uses the road more maybe a compromise (in fees). Otherwise, someone could be getting a free lunch in taxes that is...

Comment: do your research folks (Score 1) 58

by recharged95 (#47336207) Attached to: The Military Is About To Get New Augmented Reality Spy Glasses

Hey, let's write a article with nothing but buzzwords:

Oculus Rift
Google Glass
San Francisco

WTF? These have nothing to do with the heavy/HD crappy (1080p not so good 1" away) Rift, Unusable [and 'jerk' label] Glass, Spies? This is DoD C4i not the CIA, and of course... all the geekdom in frisco (World revolves around Frisco... according to Silicon Valley).

These are glamified knock offs to the Epson Moverio. Right down to the snap-in tinted shades. Don't know what it is? Look it up. And you can buy them now (I have a pair). They are basically OSDs, which the military needs. That is all. Yes they are cool, but really, all that above hype wasn't needed.

Heck hype it up when the 1st killer app comes out. No pun intended.

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