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Submission + - Classic Rock Concert Website Set to Shut It's Doors

realperseus writes: I just received an email from Alex Reisner, the administrator of Classic Rock Concerts, a website that allows users to document old Rock concerts they have attended by telling their personal stories and uploading pictures of ticket stubs. His current site is a "Ruby on Rails application, currently running on Ruby 1.8.7 and Rails 2.3.18." His current host, Heroku has announced its plans to shut down the Bamboo stack on June 16, 2015 and recommends that all apps be migrated to the Cedar stack. Alex is looking to get the site upgraded to Ruby 2.0 at minimum and has started a Kickstarter to keep food on his table and a roof over his head while he carrys out this work.

Comment Re:Stupid Zuckerberg (Score 1) 350

I think the same intoxicant caught up with Mark Zuckerberg. At one time he probably would have been thrilled to have enough to by a modest house and a sports car. Now it's snowballing and he wants to keep in snowballing for himself. Looks rather like it's beginning to melt.

Money also draws people that love money, think people that literally dream about making money with other peoples money. Zuckerburg attracted these types of people with his money. These folks perhaps said "Listen, we can double-triple-quadruple-makemore of what you have now. Just follow us". This, coupled with greed, has produced many of the 1% of the population that control 40% of the wealth here in the states.

One day from now, we'll be buying our gasoline/petro from the HSBC gas station. Then again, we already maybe doing that..

The Military

Submission + - DOD Testing of GPS Could Lead You Astray (faasafety.gov)

realperseus writes: Unbeknown to many, the US Department of Defense began conducting tests of the GPS system in an area that will affect the entire Southeast region of the United States. The testing commenced on January 20th and will be completed by February 22nd. In this Flight Advisory, the FAA does not give a reason for these tests. Nor is it mentioned if, or how, these tests will effect consumer GPS products in the region.. .

Submission + - Refusing to show ID and recording TSA is legal (techdirt.com) 1

Cowmonaut writes: TechDirt is reporting that Phillip Mocek has been acquitted by a jury. For those of you who do not know, Mocek refused to show his ID to the TSA to board a flight, as his legal right. The TSA disputed this and charged him with four misdemeanors (disorderly conduct, concealing his identity, refusing to obey a police officer, and criminal trespass) when he persisted and recorded the incident. It's sad that its news when someone stands up to something as basic as the TSA thuggery, and more depressing that its news when its upheld in court.

Comment Re:Not buying it (Score 1) 371

I had Qwest technicians on-site last October to get DSL working. They were knowledgeable and completely professional; the work was first rate. I don't believe this story is accurate. The "contact my primary phone service provider" bit probably indicates that some third party is involved and the submitter is falsely attributing this cockup to Qwest.

Oh, and my DSL performance is excellent as well. If you have the choice between Qwest and Comcast, get the former.

I'm not buying it either. Must be some kind of a joke.. .

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