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Comment: Re:Bad ant strategy? (Score 1) 250

by rdwulfe (#43768415) Attached to: Electronics-Loving 'Crazy Ants' Invading Southern US

The thing is, a single worker ant in a colony means little to the colony as a whole. Only by group activity do ants accomplish anything. They're a super-organism, made up of individuals, but the whole colony can be considered a single creature.

If 1, 20, or even 1000 ants die in a colony that has up to 500,000 ore more individuals in it... the whole does not mind. Most electronics put off heat, and heat is what ants need to raise their young. Higher heat, within limits, mean the ants can develop their brood faster, since insects "live" at a higher metabolism when they are warmer.

In some species of insect, different temperatures and conditions can breed different castes, as well. In ants, heat and diet determine if the larvae develops into a fertile female, or merely a neuter, working female. Males are developed through diet and through eggs that are inseminated. Females are unfertilized eggs, usually.

So, this is why you find tons of ants and their brood under rocks or paving stones. They're using the stones to create solarium.

Ants are amazing.

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by rdwulfe (#41588437) Attached to: How We'll Get To 54.5 Mpg By 2025

Interesting seeing another poster from Cincinnati. I always felt, after travelling around the country some, that we have serious luxury in our home town, when it comes to merging and on ramps. It's amazing how long they were! I live out east, just north of Savannah, GA now. I miss our long on ramps... And I hate traffic circles. Not because I cannot use them, but it seems like no tourist here can.

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by rdwulfe (#38217904) Attached to: Latest Humble Bundle Comes With <em>Uplink</em> Source Code

I'm amazed at the high average donation this time around. IIRC the last few Humble Bundles I bought into had an average of around $2. At the time of writing the average on this bundle is $3.98. I guess these games offer pretty good value.

Depends on when you buy it in the bundle's lifecycle, too. I know the average for the last Bundle I bought (before this one) was like 4 or 5 when I purchased it. I was glad to drop 10 bucks on it at the time. This one? I had Uplink already, on disk. I'll GLADLY buy it again, get all the other things, and so on. And I got source code? Well freaking awesome. I'd say these Bundles are awesome. They're cheap enough I don't even blink, and they quite often offer much more than one would expect.

I got the one with Baird, Revenge of the Titans, etc in it before this. Just a tonne of fun. I don't play the games every day, but they scratch an itch when I feel like toying with them.

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by rdwulfe (#35370526) Attached to: Facebook Boosts Your Self-Esteem

It becomes debatable whether "Facebook" can be classified as something productive, however... but I would agree with you. I cannot see how sitting, staring at a blank computer monitor is a good control. Perhaps browsing normal websites not pertaining to oneself, or reading email, would be a better control. You know. NORMAL activities.

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