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Comment: National Geographic (Score 1) 282

by rdtreefrog (#37096758) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Laptop + DSLR Backpacks
Last year I picked up a national geographic laptop/camera bag for the same reason. I will say that the name brand bumped up the price a lot.. and the ergonomics are not great. But! It is a great looking bag with lots of room and pockets, and it gets the job done. Of course, now I have more stuff, so I carry a Swiss army laptop back pack to carry up to 2 laptops, the ntl geo camera bag for dslr, and a manfrotto messenger bag for camcorder. Looking back on it, I think the extra money and loss of room for a laptop bag was a waste. You add the word laptop to a camera bag and it taks on $100 min, and takes away space that you could have used for field gadgets..

Comment: Re:Apple slows down innovation on all fronts (Score 1) 497

by rdtreefrog (#31931646) Attached to: Adobe Stops Development For iPhone
Apple is killing innovation by making the mp3 device suddenly a competitive market, or by forcing everyone to re-look at how their cell phone operates, or even by re-introducing the tablet pc into a viable market? I can't say much for their spat with Adobe, but it's unfortunate that Apple is innovating. Are they doing it the open way we would all like, of course not. But their contribution can not be ignored. And for those who complain about iSchmuck being locked down -- don't forget that Nook is android based. You could never tell it from all the crazy things they have allowed you to do on it, but it's there. Compared to that, iOS is fricken BSD.

Comment: Re:Hopefully true - Closed vs. Open platforms (Score 1) 397

by rdtreefrog (#31818644) Attached to: Google Preparing iPad Rival?
I am very much in your line of thinking. Sadly, I think Closed in this case has the upper hand because the Open world isn't doing enough to make it easy on users. Basic apps loaded on device, 1 touch button to access a host of other apps that install just as quckly, and have been verified to work on the device.. etc etc.

Comment: Who's fault is it ? (Score 1) 660

by rdtreefrog (#29944132) Attached to: Nothing To Fear But Fearlessness Itself?
Articles such as this that place blame the elected suffer the lack of responsibility that is the core of the problems. Try to get an honest person elected, and see how far you get. Elections in this country are no more than a popularity contest, an overly complicated beauty pageant. The winner? The one whose flashy smile best matches their swim suite. This was no more apparent than media's hounding of Sara Palin, not for her IQ, or her ingenuity or leadership, but for the quality and cost of her suits. It doesn't start or end at the top. The last presidential election, I tried to dedicate my skills and experience in IT to help the local 'support our candidate' team. Of course, the person in charge of the local office ran a web design company they wanted to advertise using our candidates page, so my offer went unheard. I did canvas the streets, and speak to whoever would listen. But this was certainly not the best use of my time considering the web and email systems for the office were rolled out 1 week prior to the election. This kind of in-fighting and "where's mine" attitude has built the current situation, not the leaders who take advantage of the end result.

+ - Testing site powered by submissions

Submitted by
rdtreefrog writes: "Just released, Revision 14 is a site for tech managers to collaborate in building skills test. Online testing systems generally lack usefulness since they rely on trick questions to fill up their quota of questions. Revision 14 asks for the questions that have helped managers find good people in the past, and uses the best of those to build our tests via our voting system. Of course, to keep everyone playing nice, questions submitted are under the creative commons public domain license."

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