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Comment: Re:Ignore Silicon Valley (Score 1) 379 379

As long as the companies get their input from Wall street, it is hard to see real companies described by you. Those companies are not "profitable" for the street boys... None of these social networking so called "tech companies" are going to take us to the Moon (replace moon with whatever extraterrestrial object you want to).

Where Can You Find an Electric Vehicle Charging Network? Estonia 220 220

MatthewVD writes "How hard can it be to find an electric car charger? So hard that New York Times reporter David Broder had to drive in circles and drain his Tesla's battery. Charging infrastructure has been ultimate chicken or egg problem for electric cars adoption but finally, there's a good test case. In Estonia, drivers need to travel only 37 miles to reach a CHAdeMO quick charger. There are 165 of the direct current plug-in chargers, that can charge a car's lithium battery in 30 minutes for an average cost of $3.25. The question now is, will the electric vehicles follow?"

Comment: Don't Complain... (Score 1) 561 561

Don't be over protective of yourself. You can not isolate yourself from everything unless you are in solitary confinement. You have to learn to get used to them and become immune to them. It's like too much antibiotics makes you less immune to diseases. Go practice meditation.

Comment: Re:Arduino, AVR, RPi, Beaglebone (Score 1) 228 228

Microchip's MPLABX IDE is based on Netbeans platform and is available for Linux as well as Windows. Microchip X32, X16 and X8 compilers are ANSI compliant and work well under Linux. Their Free version of compiler is good enough for most of the serious work.

Comment: Unlocked GSM phone... (Score 2) 149 149

If you have an unlocked GSM, quad band phone, you can take that with you and get someone in China buy a 50 Yuan ($10) SIM card for you from China Mobile you are good to go. If you are with carriers such as T-mobile or AT&T here in the US (others are not GSM) you can get your carrier to unlock your phone so that you can use other SIM cards in it. T-mobile helps you unlock your phone when you simply call them and tell them your purpose, even when you are within the contract period. I don't know about AT&T. I guess they do it as well. 50Yuan card will last you for a very long time calling within China. If you want to call back the US, if you buy your SIM card from China mobile, you can use a prefix code to get very economical calls to the US. The prefix code is 12593. That is, if you want to call a US number, dial 12593-001-(Area code)(Tel#). Without this number prefix, your 50Yuan card will not last more than 10minutes, if you call US.

Comment: Re:Positive and negative? (Score 1) 111 111

Indeed, the mantra i was taught in chemistry is "The Anode oxidizes, it's electrons flow to the Cathode where the reduction occurs."

If anode loses electrons, it should become positive and if cathode receive electrons, it should become negative - so tells my electrical book!


Tiny ARM-Based Sensor System Makes Battery Replacement Obsolete 96 96

An anonymous reader writes "University of Michigan researchers have crammed an ARM Cortex microcontroller, a thin-film battery, and a solar cell into a package that is only 9 cubic millimeters in volume. The system is able to run perpetually by periodically recharging the on-board battery with a solar cell (neglecting physical wear-out of the system)."

DMCA Takedown Scandal, Part Two 153 153

pmdubs writes "Following up on our earlier discussion, Michael Freedman updates us on experience with dubious DMCA takedown notices. As a result of the publicity his initial post received, the Video Protection Alliance has dropped Nexicon, the company to which they had outsourced infringement detection. In this case, while there may be little legal recourse to issuing invalid DMCA notices, the threat of bad press seems to have reined in highly questionable practices."

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