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Comment: Education as a state function (Score 1) 264

by rdelsambuco (#46894647) Attached to: An MIT Dean's Defense of the Humanities
I would think that critical thinking is exactly what the state wants to limit in it's citizens. And by "state," I mean the nexus of the most powerful and monied bureaucratic and commercial interests. For example, does a company like Apple benefit most from questioning consumers, or from credulous consumers?

Comment: Re:Take back education (Score 1) 404

by rdelsambuco (#41351953) Attached to: Chicago Teachers Rip 'Big Money Interest Groups'
There is no alternative to Taylorization. McSchools will be as much about learning as McDonald's is about nutrition. Give people what they WANT cuz there's a sucker born every minute! Ayn Rand has a lot to say on this, but I bet you already knew that. A simple alternative would be locally controlled public schools, but that would require an already educated, active populace. HA HA HA. No, not in America. Americans hate education - they love training, certifications, compliance, and conformity. They love winners and losers. Here's another alternative: why not do what Finland does? Finland is tops in whatever measurement you want to use for learnin'. Rhetorically you lose, but rest assured - the future you want is coming so you win in the end. I guess.

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