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Comment: Re:Actually, it's abundantly clear! (Score 1) 763

by rcjhawk (#42845527) Attached to: Texas School Board Searching For Alternatives To Evolutionary Theory

I couldn't disagree with you more. Many people have been ridiculed by the "established" scientific community and have been found to be right later on (Einstein, Galileo, etc.)

By the time Einstein came around, it was obvious that Newtonian and Maxwellian physics were incompatible. Look up the Lortentz-Fitzgerald Contraction. The concept of the "Ether." Michelson-Morley. Etc. For Pete's sake, man, read up on the subject before you post. What wasn't clear was whether or not Einstein was right. Subsequent experiments have shown that he was.


+ - The Panic Over Fukushima->

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An anonymous reader writes: Japan's nuclear accident was a great human tragedy, but its long-term health effects have been exaggerated—and the virtues of nuclear power remain, writes Richard Muller. 'In hindsight, it is hard to resist the conclusion that the policies enacted in the wake of the disaster in Japan—particularly the long-term evacuation of large areas and the virtual termination of the Japanese nuclear power industry—were expressions of panic. I would go further and suggest that these well-intended measures did far more harm than good, not least in limiting the prospects of a source of energy that is safe, abundant and (as compared with its rivals) relatively benign for the environmental health of our planet.'
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